September 7, 2009

Last of Summer

t has been an interesting few days.

I slipped and fell into a pile of things destined for the old fashioned computer box, a small glass bookshelf door that was leaning on the wall, a framed picture with wire hanger and some other things.

I fell right into the door, but it didn't break, thank goodness and partly onto the computer box which might be how I got cut and scraped. The wire got entangled in my fingers wrenching them pretty good. I scraped legs and elbows on whatever... my wrists are pretty sore where I seem to have broken my fall and saved my head from hitting things and my hip is pretty well bruised up. My shoulder and hip seem to have taken the worst of things.
But apart from hurting a bit here and there, and small cuts and abrasions I am okay over all.

I took some photos of the last weeks of summer that I would like to share.

Mr Gull sits for his portrait.

'Sun dappling on the water as the afternoon grows late.

Boaters like to stop in our lagoon on the bay to swim a bit off the beach and then spend the night.

Looking out into the open bay

tiny meandering streams that lead out to the bay.

Waving flags around this lagoon.. sailboat on the bay in the distance.

hope you had a relaxing and lovely Labor Day. The summer is just about over now.
Kids begin school here tomorrow and leave the care free fun times behind for another year.
Still lots of the year to enjoy though.

Oh, from some of the photos above you can see where the inspiration for my header paintings come from.


  1. no green ducks?

  2. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Beautiful photos ! what a lovely way to spend an afternoon and capture memories for later ! Sorry to hear of your fall...hope you're well on the road to recovery !
    Rest and have a nice cup of tea...

  4. EU , I am in the eastern USA

  5. Hi Annie! So sorry about your fall! We don't bounce the way we used to. Lovely photos! I always tell Jeff that I want to see sparkling water when we travel up the coast to Big Sur and Carmel. If it's overcast, it's just not the same magic. (((Hugz)))

  6. Hi Annie: Oh, your pictures are gorgeous. What is the flower in the last photo. I love your area. I hope you feel much better soon. That's scary to fall like that. Have a beautiful day. HUGS

  7. Happy Wednesday Annie;

    Your summer photos are wonderful. I could just see myself relaxing at the beach. I do miss it as there is none nearby my area, just parks, lakes and the Hudson River. As a child and teenager, I spent a lot of time at Orchard Beach, City Island, Jones Beach and Coney Island. What memories coming flooding back. :)

    Hope all your bruises are healing my friend. Have a lovely day. ~hugs~

  8. Connie.. that is Phragmites (frag my tees)
    Its also called "common reed". it grows well over 15 ft and more high and goes from a pale green to deep coppery browns at the end of summer.
    It is very invasive and where it gets a hold it grows like crazy and is impossible to get rid of.
    It grows along the ocean and the bay and all through the salt marshes.


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