September 9, 2009

Shopping and Rain

I am going shopping today at Michael's and AC Moore for a few necessary items. Hope it doesn't rain until much later, but we are due for some rain today and tonight.

Since Rag Shop closed down I find I miss it very much. There were several close to me and it was the ideal place for sewing, material and craft items. As small as they were they had a great selection of things.

All the best stores are closing down one after the other. I was a huge fan of Linen's and Things and they are gone now too.

The strong light of summer sun is gone and the filtered light of autumn has begun even though autumn is days away still. Leaves are still green , fat and sassy and I have to pick the apples off the winesap in the yard as I have neglected them so far. It's a fairly young tree and needs some fertilizing. The harvest is poor on it.

I accidently killed most of the fish in my small pond by adding new water too it and then forgetting to turn off the hose.

After 9 or so hours I remembered it but the water had done a complete change and it was too much for most of them. I have decided that from now on if I leave the hose on outside I will set the oven timer inside to alert me when it should be done. I seem to be an airhead sometimes.

Late afternoon view of a small lagoon by me. I think this one is shallow.
I once saw otters frockling around in there.

Front door plants have grown lush and healthy.
I really like Impatiens a lot.


  1. Hi Annie! Sorry about your fish! I'm always forgetting the sprinklers and have to set a reminder. Otherwise I get sidetracked on the computer and the water is running down the street!

    We had "The Salad" so we'll just see how well it works! ;) (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie,
    Oh that's a shame about someone wanting to build on the land there. Yes just hope it's one house, and not huge condo's. Too bad you can't stop them. Will they be really close to you? I love all your pretty pictures. Looks like they could be great postcards. I just love creeks like that. My gramma's had so many on their land in the Tennessee Mountains. My fondest memories are wading in those creeks and trying to catch minnows, and sitting on the little foot bridges and dangling my feet. Too bad about your fish. I know you will replace them next spring. Your pictures are so beautiful, that is really a slice of heaven where you live. Hope the rains subsides soon! Oh and hope your bruises heal quickly! Ouch
    Thank you so much for your kind comments. I have such wonderful friends.
    Have a wonderful and beautiful day even if it is raining, or maybe it's stopped by now. I will have to check the weather channel later on :O)

  3. Happy Thursday Annie;

    I'm sorry about the loss of your fish. I think we all forget to do something one time or another. Hopefully you'll be able to stock the pond again.

    I used to love roaming around Michael's in Kingston, NY. There was so much to see and buy but most too expensive for me. Now that I don't drive anymore for lack of a car, I miss traveling to boutiques and craft shops.

    Have a lovely rest of the week. hugs

  4. I remember the Rag Shop. When I go home to visit my mom and I would shop alot and that was one of the stores I loved. AC Moore too. I dont have those out here in Ca. Wish I did. Sometimes I really miss home.


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