October 30, 2009


I have to share this with you all. Can't keep such a wonderful thing to myself any longer.
Perpetuum Jazzile (Per-pay-two-um Jazz-e-lay) is a jazz group from Slovenia.
This video is amazing. Their talent is wonderful and you will love the "rain storm".
Every school in America should have their chorales do this. Its that good!
Kids adore seeing the "rain storm".
This storm was even put to a real film of a storm and you could NOT tell it was people.

I hope you enjoy it like I do. This group has much of their music on youtube and hopefully they wil come to America to perform soon. I will be in the front row stomping and clapping.
I love them!!

If you don't know much about Slovenia, google it and look at some of the lovely scenery.


  1. Hi Annie: Perpetuum Jazzile is fantastic. I love that kind of rythem. I wanted to be in the audience.

    Fall is quite nice here, but my mmums are goneers!

    Have a lovely day. HUGS

  2. Hi Annie! It'a not working for me now but I'll try later or just YouTube it myself. I have heard rainstorms done before and I know they can sound amazing. Hope you had a nice beginning to November. I'll have Halloween photos on Monday. (((Hugz)))

  3. It was working for me today! :) Funny that you called Ryan a "sweet little man" because that's what Jessica calls him so often. Enjoy the rest of the week! (((Hugz)))

  4. Hi Annie, just beautiful and inspiring. I hope they do get to make American tours.
    It brought back wonderful memories to me of Toto' singing Africa, an (ahemmm) "album" i used to have!
    the rain sounds were wonderful!


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