October 7, 2009

Clear Dark Night, Blustery Day

The skies here are black as coal at night and every star can be seen twinkling in the sky.The air is crisp and clean and the ocean breezes keep it that way.
I was out tonight for a while and noticed how clean and clear things were. There is a country atmosphere even in the shopping areas. No wildly bright lights intrude on the peace and calm.

Last night the blustery winds threw bursts of rain onto the window panes as I lay in bed listening. I love that sound when I am safe and warm inside. I suppose it simply emphasizes the safe and warm part.
Tonight the air was so clean, so crisp and so laden with salt and cedar that I inhaled as deeply as I could as I walked along. I couldn't seem to get enough of it. All day long those blustery winds had scrubbed the air and scudded clouds across the sky at top speed.
One dark moment this morning lasted but seconds as a blast of wind moved the cloud along to reveal a gloriously brilliant blue sky hidden behind. It then sailed that cloud out over the ocean and on it's dark little way and the rest of the day was lovely.
The sheer rapidity with which that dark came and then was almost instantly changed to bright light was wonderful. It was as if the wind was saying to the rain clouds.. "move along now, nothing to see here, go on, move along".
They got the bum's rush right out to sea.
The temperatures now are in the low 70s in the day and the mid to low 50s at night. It's heavenly. Not too warm, not too cold, just the right amount of everything to make life nice.
The wind blew off a lot of leaves today too.

We are now more than half way through Sukkot, or the feast of tabernacles as it's called in English.
Sitting under a semi open roof, covered in boughs of trees and old wisteria vine, the purpose of living in a sukkah for a week comes crystal clear.
We do not trust in walls and roof tops to keep us safe. We trust in God to take care of things even in the most dire and dim circumstances. We humans do our part and he does his. Everything is in his hands ultimately.
There is a calm , easy spirit inside the sukkah. Sitting there in the morning with a cup of tea watching birds fly over head , or eating a meal at night and seeing the moon peeking through the leafy "roof" is magical.
Even if it rains, "it's okay" the sukkah seems to say. It will dry out, it will be alright after all and things will go on.


  1. Hi Annie: Your weather sounds so "sea-like". It's not bad here today either. Have a lovely day. HUGS

  2. Hi Annie! The sukkot seems like such a lovely tradition. I don't think I know of anyone that observes it to the extent that you do.

    It's annoying when the wind comes and blows the fall leaves down too early. That often happens here with our Santa Anas. (((Hugz)))

  3. Wisteria covered sukkah sounds divine. One of my biggest wishes is for a pergola that is covered in wisteria, and can be used as a sukkah.

  4. May the coming year bring you peace and prosperity , joy and contentment !


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