November 12, 2009

Ida....Not Sweet as Apple Cider!

Gale Warnings up
Surf is double overhead and waves are over 16 feet.
Wind gusts of over 60 mph are howling through the trees and whipping the ocean and bay into a frenzy that is eroding beaches and slamming waves onto roadways.

Ida! Sweet as apple cider are the words of a song made famous by Frank Sinatra. But so far Ida is anything but sweet.

Trees are bending way over to bow to Ida as she makes her appearance here on the coast. And in response she is really stirring things up in a royal way. Ida has been blowing around since yesterday afternoon but over night she has gotten particularly loud and pushy. This storm isn't shy about announcing her presence as new girl in town.
We will see after she passes by on Friday what problems she will have brought with her.
Somehow, the name Ida does not conjure up a whirlwind or a huge storm. In my mind Ida is a small Italian girl with cute perky ways and a sweet personality.
I suppose having had a friend w hose mother was like that helps in my assessment of the name. Still I wouldn't associate it with a big storm.
I just looked up the meaning of Ida.  "Hardworking". Okay so maybe it does fit. This storm is working hard at being tough.

Blogger has now incorporated much of their beta blogger into the regular blogger format. What a pain in the neck!
Putting photos onto the post is now a hassle for me as sometimes it closes down the program after freezing up for a considerably annoying period of time. I will run some goodies to see if the problem in on my end though. It very well might be.
My one pet peeve with all of the gadgets online from Yahoo to Google etc. ,  is that they keep upgrading without first getting the original programs right!
First improve the original, or rather, first get it right, then move on to upgrade with more bells and whistles.
Still Blogger is the best blogging format out there and it's free. Restrictions are few if any and you can tweak the CSS and Html to your heart's content. I do anyway.  And you can be as simple or as complicated with your site as you want. Now, that's nice!

Well, as Ida rages around me, I am going to go back to bed for another couple of hours sleep, hopefully.
It's dark and rainy outside and bed seems like a nice place to be.



Brandy passed away one year ago today, aged 15 years.
Sandy passed away one month ago. He never recovered from Brandy's loss. They were best of friends for so many years.


  1. Hi Annie: Are you doing OK? I'll bet it's nasty there. Can you get tons of pics? Have a safe day. HUGS

  2. I don't have trouble with uploading photos to blogger, so maybe the problem is at your end.

    Are you getting another dog/cat ?
    I desperately wanted to buy a ragdoll persian kitten today... it was so gorgeous.... but when I asked the price, they said $1195.

    I can't believe they can charge that much for a kitten. So I didn't buy it. I'll find a cheaper cat somewhere else.

  3. Ida's rude here , too ! Had to tether the trash cans with bungees or these would have gone the way of the others...they're not in Kansas , anymore !
    Those in the market for pets might try the shelters...all mine came from there and they were dear little souls...sorely many little ones needing good homes...

  4. HI Annie, what cute babies you had they are both so cute. I had lost pets close together once within a month of each other and it's hard.
    I love the topper you made for Sandy's blog that's beautiful. You should make them and sell them for extra $$ I'm sure you could use some! who couldn't? you do beautiful work and I know a lot of people would surely buy them.
    I am not a huge fan of blogger, I've tried both wordpress and blogger and wordpress is so nice. They do have a free version as well. I like your three column's and tried to figure out how to do it according to the directions you had to tweak your CSS but I didn't want to lose my followers on the blogger blog I have, it had all this stuff to do, I tried to find the spot in the CSS to add what it said to add and my circumstance was not exactly the way the directions said, so I am still in two column's which I find annoying! Ida is one wet storm or hurricane whichever it is, I have not read to much about it. It's not hear, so I guess that's why. Have a great weekend. big hugs

  5. Annie, Wow that was some bad writing on the comment sorry about that. I meant to say Ida is not here.
    And the directions for the CSS changes to blogger were not good or didn't have the same circumstances as my CSS file, what I mean to say the code didn't match, so I didn't know where to make the changes in my CSS. There I think that makes better sense. I have been in another world lately, nothing seems to come out right these days!
    Have a great weekend. big hugs

  6. Hi Annie,
    I saw the header you made for Sandy so I just had drop by and tell you how much I liked it :)
    I am sorry so for your loss of Brandy a year ago and Sandy just a month ago. It breaks my heart for you. I am a BIG animal lover. Hope you have a woderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  7. Hi Annie! What a great photo of the waves. I enjoy seeing rough surf... it makes you feel the power of the ocean. My relatives came from Wisconsin years ago and we took them to see the ocean for their 1st time... You know what one said... "It's not as big as I thought." That was one of my all-time favorite lines! ;) And why do all the poor weather reporters have to stand outside and get blown about? Always makes me laugh!

    Sorry about the sad anniversaries. You were lucky to have your faithful companions live a nice long life. (((Hugz)))

  8. Hi Annie: I've been thinking of you throughout Ida. I hope you're safe and there wasn't too much damage near you. I'll be glad to hear from you.

  9. Hi Annie,
    You have been in my thoughts as I saw the beach erosion and the storm coverage on the weather channel. Did I hear them say you had a Noreaster?
    Hopefully it didn't do as much damage as they make it out to be on TV, but I'm sure it did. I will be looking forward to your next post.
    Awww, such pangs of so many feelings with losing your sweet Brandy and Sandy. How sad she didn't get over losing Brandy. I remember when you wrote how she was so different. They had a great bond and a great friendship. So sweet. I think I rushed into getting the puppy way too soon. As in maybe I should have never got one before. I miss my Ben so badly. I know I will never be the same.
    I hope you have a great week.

  10. Hi Annie,
    Hope that storm has come and gone by now! Hope you have a great week ahead.
    Hugs, Dru


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