November 5, 2009

Wednesday was a beautiful sun filled day.

The water was quiet and like liquid flowing gold. As I walked along the lagoons and inlets I saw how high the water was on the bulkheads and how thick it looked because of the golden sun. I had no camera with me but I don't think a camera could ever match the beauty of what I saw with my eyes.
Some of the houses are huge, some medium but the ones that are the most eyecatching are the tiny cottages that are more screened in porch than house.   Built for summer vacation getaways long ago, they still house families who come down just as their grandparents did.
But back then there was nothing along the main roads. Just trees, sea grasses , wild rampant wisteria and trumpet vine in spring and tall fields of reeds in deep summer. (Photo to left is from last year and is of the ocean, but this same liquid gold was on the bay ,lagoons and etc this afternoon.)
Those little screened in green paint porches saw laughter,   lightning bug watching...."Ooo.. There's one !!" "get the jar, hurry"..... and sleeping kids back in the day when things were more laid back than today. That's when I was little and time at the shore meant taking things easy .
There was no television. Before cable it just was snow and static with the best of antennas. Radio was just a couple of stations since the pull of NYC's big 50,000 Watt powerhouse station and Philadelphia's even closer ones   seemed to cancel one another out.

 Today it is go, go , go and amusement and entertainment galore.So, the bayside has become less a vacation area for people than a full time residence. More and more have come to share what we always knew was heaven.
People from the north opted to come down and live the summer life all year long. I don't think anyone was ever disappointed. Even in winter there is that beachy life style that we all so love.
We are a different breed , those of us who live on the shore. Our feet long for sand, our senses long for the scent of varying tides and salt on the breeze, that hot sun drenching your skin and the feel of breeze in your hair. The sound of surf and gulls. It gets inside your blood and is passed on generation to generation.
I wouldnt have it any other way.
There was a lovely loan swan on the bay. I wondered if it was a widow/widower as they mate for life or if the partner was just out of sight for bit.
A flock of Canadian geese sat sunning on the grass looking so relaxed and peaceful.
The entire vignette was lovely and golden, so very golden.

The world needs more golden days.

ps. On a meme I did recently I didnt answer the question about what "restaurant would you love to go with a partner." My answer was, I don't have a partner.
Some people said that I still could answer the question but, I can't. It's hurtful for me to think about it since I wouldn't want to go alone.


  1. You can come and have dinner with me at Doyles on the Beach, the best fish restaurant in Sydney.

  2. Hi Annie: I love the sea and would love to live as you do. I did enjoy seeing it in your eyes. Have a great day. HUGS

  3. You're an attractive woman. I'm having trouble understanding why no man would want to take you out to a restaurant.

  4. Love your poetic, imagery filled post. It reminded me of Great Gatsby and seeing that green light (think it was green) across the water. Connie would remember. ;) Your other commenter mentions a restaurant in Australia that I've heard about. Would love to visit Australia one day. People say it's climate is very much like SoCal. Still haven't heard back from the doctor about her bloodwork but I'm happy to cut back by 1/2 on her medicine that I suspect as causing some of the problems. (((Hugz)))

  5. I'm having golden days here too but it's the leaves and the golden sunlight. Love the photo.

  6. Annie, that was such a beautiful post and so beautifully written. It really touched me and I almost thought I was walking on the beach. I will have to go very soon, I am craving the sand on my feet, and the sweet smell of the salty sea air. (you understand me saying sweet, salty air, don't you? :)
    You can go to dinner with me! I'm sure you wouldn't want to dine alone, so sorry.
    Oh and the header picture too!! oh so sweet.
    oh I just LOVE it,
    I had this in my mind for days and I want to go and get a picture just like this, at the beach, and I will someday soon. If only Rex would take it at the right moment.
    Talk to you soon :)

  7. Hi Annie! I remember visiting Wisconsin to a family farm and they picked up the receiver and talked to an operator, too. One ring a dingy! ;) They had party lines, too, so could eavesdrop on neighbors. :) Hope you're having a good week! (((Hugz)))

  8. Hi Annie: I love your header and the one you made for Sandy. Your art is so lovely.

    Have a lovely Wednesday.


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