December 7, 2009

Another Day in the life....................

Dinner! Just a hamburger with a ton of tomato and pickles on it. The white stuff is horse radish and I came to really love the taste of it lately.
Served on my Mom's plate and her tablecloth. Nostalgia.

I learned to like different foods as I grew up.
I have fond memories of my Grandmother's shoofly pie. My mother made the best spaghetti sauce I ever tasted and the tallest, lightest lemon meringue pies in the world. Both of them were great bakers. I have never tasted crust like theirs since.Light, flakey and good enough to eat alone.
In Plymouth Pa. I got a liking for CMP's. Vanilla ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce, marshmallow and peanuts. It's dangerous .
I grew up with soft pretzels sold on the street. I make my own.
I am a Philly cheese steak fanatic(sans the cheese). Also make my own and not too shabby if I say so myself.
I learned to love coffee at Dunkin Donuts. On one job the boss would go on a coffee run and bring some back for us. It's still my favorite kind. Just plain coffee with cream. Nothing fancy.
What foods do you love?

Do you remember this song?
Even little kids in my neighborhood were singing this song from just a bit ago.
It's a great song and so many can find meaning in it but, of course the upshot is that we can turn bad days around.
This song was named the one hit wonder of the decade and the video with it is pretty nice. I find myself stopping whenever I hear this song. Tune is catchy, words are great.

sorry about the lines on the video. But it's good anyway.

I am headed out to get some groceries because I have gotten into the habit of eating. Don't let this happen to you!
Hope you had a good day.


  1. It is very perplexing that a woman who has all the talents that you do, has so many interests, and enjoys food, could possibly be living alone. If that red negative photo you post is any indicator of your beauty, then it is astonishing.

    I won't pry, but one gets the idea that you enjoy your solitude being interrupted only by visits from family.

  2. Kind compliment.
    Lots of people have tons of interests and talents though.
    I don't mean to give the impression I am anyone special cuz I certainly don't think that way.
    I don't enjoy solitude.
    I live alone because I am no longer married. It's that simple.

  3. Wow! Annie! You and I like many of the same foods. We would have a ball eating out together. Here it is 12:21 AM in my neighborhood and just reading your post has made me very, very hungry. LOL! I come from a long line of fabulous cooks on both sides of the family.

    I too live alone because I'm no longer married. But I enjoy both my solitude and being with other family members and friends.

    Hmmm. Would you believe I never heard of the song Bad Day. I did enjoy the video lines and all though. ;-} Have a great beginning of the week. hugs

  4. I'm sorry that you don't enjoy your alone time. You truly seem like the kind of person who would have a partner if that was what she wanted.

    May your periods of solitude be short, and may you find whatever it is you may be looking for.

    1. Looking for a good man. They are few and far between my friend.

  5. This has nothing to do with anything but, the post that I left made me think of this song.


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