December 16, 2009

Home Movies

find home movies, especially those redone into video etc. and complete with sound track to be so sweet, so nostalgic and some of them are a whole lot of fun.
Home movies have always been a bit of a joke.
But, when you think of the nostalgia and the memories involved, it's wonderful.
To be able to look back and see in movies, videos and photos the joy, the smiles, good and bad times all in the faces of the past it is really a miracle.
Past, present and future melt into one and we can see a broad vista stretching out in front of us when we look at them.

This homemade film, made in the 1970's, is short and fun.
Just take Father's 8 mm and this is the result.
I hope it makes you smile.


  1. Hi Annie: I hope you're having a lovely day. I loved your card. It's 0 here this AM! Have fun. HUGS

  2. Hi Annie! That was a cute Bonnie & Clyde take-off. My son used to make all kinds of movies with our video camera! I should get those transferred to DVD. Just like old movie film, video tape is becoming obsolete. Have a great rest of the week! Getting busy now preparing for our family party Sunday night. (((Hugz)))

  3. I have a video camera but am having trouble figuring out how to get it posted online. My son will be here next week. I'm hoping he can help me.

  4. LOL!! I had to check out the video Sandy mentioned in her comment above. Thanks for making my day start out with a smile. ;-} hugs


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