December 3, 2009

Just another day in Paradise.

ain! ...last night to be specific.... a deluge came pouring down on my house.
Not just simple rain, not sweet refreshing rain, but the kind where God tips up the bucket and dumps it right on you...that kind.
 And so, at 4 AM this morning I was outside in the pitch black with my flashlight under the pouring rain rigging something up to protect my back door from the waterfall what was pouring down from my roof. And, as I stood under it to get a makeshift sheild to lean against the door  I was drenched completely.Soaked!
 Ice cold rain-soaked.
I should have a shower head so effective.
Being enclosed with forest in the back it's always an adventure to walk around there flashlight or no.

My soffits need replacing and the gutters are shot in that area so when it rains, it rains on my backdoor, under it, around it..Its a huge problem and a huge mess.The threshold has gone because of it. Can't be doing my foundation any good either.
Well, one of these days........
I came back inside soaked to the skin, changed and went back to sleep.
But never fear! It was sunshine heaven today.
Yes, the sun actually came out and regaled us with tales from it's vacation, wherever that might have been.

Anyway, here is a nice photo of the dunes in autumn.
I love how the Creeping Jenny turns bright red.Not alot of it in this photo but, there is enough to show you how it is.
The dunes are massive. Just over the ridge is the beach and the ocean.

 I realized I had not updated A Passing Storm since summer so I added a picture I am working on. I am always working on several at once.  I have to keep that more up to date I think. I use it to store some things.

Have a lovely day tomorrow.

Oh. If you happen to enjoy Robert Parker novels or just murder mystery in general you might like to see THIS a Jesse Stone movie starring Tom Selleck. It's on youtube as a full length movie. If you see it, I hope you enjoy it as I did.


  1. It is amazing how quickly the weather changes by the shore..right now we are in sunny spring weather.. Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment! Have a wonderful magical day!

  2. Hi Annie,
    I love your posts they are like excerpts from a book. Sorry about that water soaking you to the bone. Beautiful picture of those dunes. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  3. Great photo-I love dunes like that. I've had a few rains like that in my time as well. Our garage floor in Provence wasn't done correctly so water goes in and stays like a little pond. It comes under our garage doors when it pours unless I remember to block them with something.

  4. Hi Annie;

    We haven't had a good soaking rain since the summer but it rained here the beginning of the week. They are predicting snow for tomorrow. I'm hoping just snow showers.

    I love coming here and reading your wonderful post entries. Wonderful photo of the dunes.

    I'll have to check out the YouTube Jessie Stone movie. I'm a big mystery book and movie fan. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Haven't finished the movie yet, but it seems pretty good. I am surprised, given the cast. Thanks! :)

  6. Your header artwork is phenomonal. it never ceases to amaze me.
    you have truly captured the sand dunes. (is that one word or two?)
    love the pretty colors in the sails. just great !
    love the animated gif after you said "well, one of these days"
    hmmmmm you know what ? I think you need a handy man around the house,
    and you know what else? I'm a pretty good matchmaker, well at least once in my life i was. What kinda man are you lookin for? Maybe i can help? Don't laugh !
    Thin Ice looks real intense, and something I would love. I will look for it. I stopped it halfway in the video, because I am just that way and want to see it.
    At first I thought you were leading us to a Joss Stone music video which I love, yes I am crazy these days.
    I loved your last two posts too ♥
    I am up late waiting for my Rex to return home.
    Have a beautiful week-end !

  7. Sandy, Thanks. I am so glad you enjoy the headers. Will think about the second offer LOL.

    Anonymous: hope you enjoyed it.
    Most of the series so far is online.I enjoy Spenser for Hire more but these are not bad at all.

  8. Thanks for turning me to the Jessie Stone movies...had forgotten how much I'd enjoyed this type of murder mysteries...Tom Selleck isn't bad , either ...tee hee...
    Sorry about the soaking...oh , for a magic wand !
    Enjoy the sunshine ! LOVE your posts !


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