December 5, 2009

Okay, here it is........

This is probably a throw away post that most who read here won't care about. I apologize for that but I have a purpose.
Friday I got into a conversation with relatives about what girls look for in a guy since a cousin is starting to date.
It lead to all sorts of twists and turns and finally to everyone just throwing out quesitons.
where we worked, jobs we had, foods we like and finally, what was the fastest we ever drove in a car.
My answer: 100 mph. That got into the kind of car I had.
It was already old, used and redone.
I was just maybe 18(?).
(I should say that at 100 I felt the car was driving itself and I was too scared to keep it up for long.)
Well, I said I would send a photo of what it was looked like.But then I thought, no I will just put everything on the blog.
I can't find the actual photos from then. Maybe in the attic, maybe long gone. I hope not, But can't find them right now. This photo will have to do and is a good likeness of it.
My first car was a redone 1969 AMX 390 (NO I AM NOT THAT OLD) silver with a red racing stripe, two seats no back seat.. no trunk just space behind driver.Looked like new and drove like it too.
It would do 100 mph easily and handled really nicely.
I got pulled over a lot in this car by cops who just wanted to see the car! It was now a classic. Of course that's illegal but never stopped them.
They had stopped making them when I got it but it was restored nicely.
Today they are darn expensive but mine was cheap.
So this is for the group.
All you ever wanted to know about my old classic used car.(or not)

Take a look:

Mine was not automatic.

Just checked and for a basic package new in 1969 they cost $5994.00. Not cheap then.
Today they are going for $30,000.


  1. An AMX! Wow! Most people don't get to say something like "I had an AMC AMX for a first car". I remember as a teen back in the mid 90's watching TV shows about this car, and being awed that AMC produced something so cool. 0-60mph in 6.3 seconds on bias ply tires is pretty fast, it would be faster on steel belted radials. I have an MX-5, it's little convertible. :)

  2. Well an old used AMX for a first car. But ran like new, looked good too.
    The hood on it was massive and long. But the car is for guys, wasted on girls really. You have to really love speed and really appreciate driving with a car like that.
    I had to zip through the gears though and learned to do that really fast.The clutch was tricky and I would stall out in first if I didnt zip right on through.

    just looked at MX 5. Its a nice looking car! Hope you are enjoying it.

  3. By the way, that speed was great for highway entrance. No sweat at all. :)

  4. LOL!! Great car. I remember it well. I'm not going to say how old I am but my first car was a 1967 White Ford Fairlane with red interior. I will say I was married and had 3 kids by then. I was driving at 18 but never owned a car until after I was married. Love your post Annie. hugs

  5. Forgot to say it was a convertible and an expensive classic now. When I bought it the price was about $2500.00.. LOL!!

  6. The fastest I've ever driven was 95.Didn't realize it , as the speedometer was broken on a Buick Electra 225...a big "boat" ,which gave absolutely no indication of how fast the car was driving . When the repaired part was installed , I'd gotten into the habit not to look at the speedometer...imagine my surprise !!
    My first car was a second-hand 1963 Chevy Impala SS , black convertible with red interior...a real stunner ! Wish I had it now...
    Another wonderful post - no way is it a throw-a-way !!

  7. I dont know anything much about cars, especially the one you had but yours sure looked like fun :)

    I did however finally get a chance to buy my fun car after my divorce and am finally selling it now. I bought myself a purple convertible Camaro Z28 (95) and shes a fast one. My son tried it too and wanted me to race her. I too had to see how far I could push it so one day on open road on a trip I got her up to 110. This car wasnt even happy till she hit at least 85. But I got so spooked that a cop would see me and stop me and impound my pretty car that I didnt do that very long. But I was happy knowing it could do that .......and boy did she purrrrrrr.

  8. Hi Annie! I've never heard of an AMX so asked my resident car expert (Jeff) and he said, they were a real little "fire-breather!" and then went on to talk about Nash's, Ramblers, blah, blah, blah... Guess made by the same company but your car was the hot rod of the bunch. ;) My first real car was when I was married and had Justin- a Volvo. Safe & practical. ;) Now I have a Cabrio convertible but that's only because Jessica wanted to trade it in after college so I took it. Have a great week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  9. I do enjoy it, but it takes premium unleaded gasoline. It's a 2008, and it is fun to have a zippy little convertible. :)

  10. wow Annie, who would have thought you were a hot rodder? LOL
    The fastest I've been in a car was when my brother was driving and he got it up to 110, then i think my eyes popped out looking at the spedometer. I'm like *stop*! but it was fun and i'll never forget it. I come from a long line of hotrodders: my Dad and my brother. dear brother used to rebuild and race them at the fair - lol.
    I used to have two camaro's both brand new, then traded them off. I also inherited a 1975 Chevy Caprice Classic in red, wow what a beauty and it was about a block long. but the cops kept pulling me over in it too, and I sold it for that reason. it was a cop magnet and i had the windows tinted almost black and the back curved window was a work of art, and i had it tinted in the black limo tinting - hahahah I even went and put dual exhaust on it and changed the tires out and put mag wheels on it - haha who would have thought? it had a killer sony cd stereo in it.
    I could kick myself for selling it! and I think of that car all the time! What was wrong with me? How could I have sold it? Anyway,

    my dad used to have a '66 Malibu SS in aquamarine blue or something like that, it was sooo soooo beautiful. he used to take us on vacation in that car, and we listened to CCR traveling down the interstate. (yes on 8-track)

    Loved the first video the most, that video would sell it for sure!

    Nice post, and it brought back memories. I've seen the AMX car many times.


  11. I loved going to drag races.
    One of my all time favorite movies is Grand Prix. I saw it on the oldie channel on cable. Wow what a great movie.

  12. Hi Annie,
    The fastest I ever drove was 125 in my friends Porcshe ;) I actually do remember AMX cars. My very first car was a Chevy,Impala yellow we called it the yellow submarine. Hipe you have a great week ahead.
    Hugs, Dru

  13. If you like Grand Prix, you might also like some other Steve McQueen movies, like Bullitt, The Thomas Crown Affair, or even The Great Escape.

    If you like to look at cars, particularly famous race cars, there is a museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, called The Simeone Foundation Museum.

    It's one of my favorite places in the world. They have a Porsche 917, the same type of car that was in the movie Grand Prix.

  14. My apologies! For some reason I mixed up the movies Grand Prix and Le Mans.... Grand Prix is a much more watchable movie than Le Mans. That said, the Porsche 917 was in Le Mans...


  15. I just noticed I wrote "1967" White Ford Fairlane with red interior. It should have read "1957" Ford fairlane 500 Convertible. We bought it in 1967 in perfect condition. The previous owner hardly drove it. Sorry about the mixup. ;-}

  16. Gran Prix starred James Garner and Yves Montand.
    It was a long movie and I didn't get to see it from the beginning.
    If it goes up on youtube ever, I will be right there watching online some evening.


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