January 26, 2010

Evening Thoughts from a Small Boy

I have to be near to her since the others are gone. The dog died over a year ago now and my brother died last October .
I am the man of the house now.

Yes I used to trouble my brother, but a fellow must have fun in life after all. The dog was nice and we were good friends. Now, except for her I am alone. I am glad we have each other.

We have dwindled down in this house to just us two. I am the cat of the house now and I am 16 years old I think. I am not quite sure and will have to check sometime.
I and my brothers and sisters were born in her dresser drawer. Most got other homes but my mother, a tiny tortoise shell cat and my brother and I .. two ginger cats, stayed home with her.

Once there were many more of us. The entire house was filled with people. Tons of people and only one bathroom! I don't know what the problem with that is but humans complain about it especially with 6 people and one bathroom in the morning.
I think the bathroom is a neat place . I play in the toilet water and occasionally take a drink too.
There was good food in the kitchen and my mother and brother and I and our dog would hang around waiting for left over breakfast eggs.

Then she and the dog went outside to run for a bit while we guarded the house.
Ah, those were the days.
But the hustle and bustle of those times is gone now. The old human grandmother passed away one afternoon. Everyone was sad. She gave me treats sometimes.
The children went away to school and one got married! The man who was here was gone too.He never cared for any of us and just left us one night.
One day my mother went outside in the evening and never came home again.
Then the dog got cancer and then Lyme disease and passed away and then my brother cat had an attack in the fall and passed away that very hour. I cried.
Now, I follow her around as she and I are the last of our pride and must stay together.
I hate it if she leaves the house. Where should she go without me?She needs me!
I follow her around the house and sit with her while she works, and sleep near her every night. Before she used to put me and my brother out of the room and made us sleep in the living room!
But I don't like that anymore. It's too lonely so she lets me stay. Hurrah!
Until bedtime, I sleep here in the tall backed chair near her desk with the afghan she made long ago. Its an old kitchen chair and she draped it over with a comforter and then a chair cover and placed this afghan she made on the back so that anyone sitting there might be more comfortable and warm.
I have to admit it's very nice but it's certainly not as nice as the big bed where I cuddle up nightly.
She says that she cannot move her feet all night long as I am on them. Now, I ask you, please, is that really such a big thing?
There, see? You agree with me, it's not. Most certainly it is not. I am a proper and prim cat and I do not trouble anyone.

Tonight I heard the strangest sounds coming from the woods behind. I crept to the back doors to look out and see what it could be and saw giant, luminous eyes looking back at me from deep inside the dark woods!
I am sure it was some kind of monster so I ran quickly to find her, so I could inform her that I was on the alert.
I slid on the rugs she puts on the floor. I love them!
I run at those rugs full speed 'til they slide across the polished floors and spin me round.
Then I run to the next, and the next til they are all over the house and I am splitting my sides with kitty laughter .
She will put them back for my next ride.
She does things like that,
I had so much fun I forgot to tell her about the monster in the woods.
It can wait.
I don't really want to go see if it is still there.


  1. Hi there Ginger cat. I must say you are a handsome lad all cuddled in that wonderful afghan your mistress made. I must tell you this is one of my favorite places to visit as your mistress Annie writes the most original adventures in her diary and I so enjoy them Please give her my compliments and do be careful of that monster in woods. ;-}

    May you both have a wonderful day. Hugs

  2. Probably the last day that the anonymous commenter will be online for awhile.

    Like your story. 6 people and one bathroom! How on earth does that work?

    With all the sad things that came to you, it seems horrific, mean spirited, and awful that the man who was there would be gone. I'm sure that everyone has their reasons, but from the outside looking in it looks bad. It's good that you have your children and grandchildren to keep you company once in awhile.

    1. Not missing the man at all. Not at all! He was the kind of person who was never there even when physically present.
      Are there men who are there for you at all? I wonder.

  3. Hi sweet Annie,
    Oh what a precious story. You are the best.
    Oh it sounds like you have my bedroom I want lol
    I love the Conan video below! Isn't TV crazy sometimes?
    that's so cute what Toni wrote.
    talk to you soon!

  4. I had to come back and tell you I've been feeling very nostalgic about my Bentley boy too! I just can't seem to get him off my mind.

    Great story you wrote!

  5. No, it is a good thing he is gone.A very good thing.

  6. Dear Ginger Cat ,
    What a clever fellow to find so much to do to keep busy...scout,companion,defender , inventor-of amusement-rides... and so handsome , too !
    Dear Humans,
    If our pets had not given us precious gifts of their love and devotion , they would not be so sorely missed.We are changed by those gifts...made better for their investment in us . Having completed the task assigned , they rest...now free from disability and pain...loyal to the last...God love them !

  7. Hi Annie,
    I missed this post. What a wonderful but sad story :( He is so lucky to have you to allow you to live with him LOL I always say that my cats think I am living in their house since they have the rule of it! Hope you had a great weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say this brought a tear to my eye. I have a 16 year old cat who adores me, and I him. What wonderful companions to share our time with!


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