January 22, 2010

Expensive Payback!

Good morning and happy Friday.
I am up early because the rooster next door thought it was time and let me know it too. So before I go back to bed for more sleep I thought I would post something since I don't have much time on Fridays.

The late night shows are rearranging and maybe getting rid of the hosts. Television networks have been really just destroying TV by pulling programs people love and putting junk on in place of it . It's been going on for years and some just think they are crazy.
Certainly the television viewing year has gone all wonky.
Lost, a program I used to love, went off for the season last May and will only return for its concluding season in February. Talk about bad management. People are sick of waiting.
The show will not clean up most of the mysteries they invented along the way either. Four years of investing time in the show only to have it peter out?
They promise a bang up conclusion and they better be right or fans will be very upset.

Conan O'Brien of N B C's late night show has had it with the the corporation which has his job on tenterhooks.
The following video is very short but sweet and Conan shows NBC he means business in a very funny way. Yes,it is all very real, not a put on at all according to Hollywood's Tattle
I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend ahead.
By the way NBC just settled with Conan to NOT do his show with a $45 million settlement. $33 goes to Conan and the rest to his staff who will now be out of work.
They will each receive $60,000 in severance pay.
Too bad he is gone, I thought Conan was pretty funny myself.


  1. One of my favorite shows got in on this. Honestly, I'm very happy that it didn't take off here, as I love the British version which now airs on BBC America (a more preferable outcome). I also hate Adam Carolla.


    This is one of my favorite clips of the British show (which, as you can see, could easily work as is in America).


  2. French TV isn't any better if that helps. I'd rather watch reruns of movies anymore.

  3. Hi Annie,
    I am a big Conan fan and when i watched his last show Friday night I cried when he started to cry too! I feel so bad for him AND I think Jay Leno should of just stepped aside and not force Conan to leave :( I loved the show Southland and NBC did not have any room to show it this season because of Jay Leno. There were 6 new episodes left so they are now playing on TNT. NBC is in Burbank right next to the Hospital I work so I always watch NBC news but I am pretty irratated with the way they handled this whole situation! Sorry for the book but you got me on a roll LOL Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)
    Hugs, Dru

  4. Interesting method of coping with imminent departure ! It is the "High Road "... well taken,Conan .

  5. Hi Annie;

    I can't stop laughing. I love the Conan video. I never watched his show but all the goings on with NBC made me curious. He is funny and I'm sorry I just discovered him too late. I was a big fan of the late Johnny Carson and stopped watching the Tonight show after he left. I never took to Jay Leno as we had the same surname (mine through marriage) and hated all the "are you related to Jay?" I was happy to drop it last year and went back to my maiden name.

    Forgive me for rambling. LOL! Have a great beginning of the week. Hugs

  6. Hi Annie! My kids were big Conan fans so I learned to like him, too. I went with them to see hgs show when he was visiting LA- before he took over the Tonight Show. Like Dru, I cried at his goodbye speech which I thought was very sweet and classy. I know he'll be back in 7 months- most likely on Fox. I love a lot of the shows not on regular TV- like Madmen, Big Love, Nurse Jackie. Many you can get OnDemand so that's helpful for a big TV watcher like me. ;) (((Hugz)))


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