January 15, 2010


I am always looking for more storage space. Isn't everyone?My closets are those tiny old fashioned ones, 3 ft wide and barely 2 ft deep. One per bedroom. I use stand alone cabinets for coats and linen, etc.
I get the email version of Good Housekeeping and they had these ideas this month which I loved, though they are not really all that practical for serious storage. They are pretty though.

I like how these wrap around. Nice to lean photos on and not as obtrusive as cabinets, etc.

This is a sweet idea for hiding clutter in baskets behind a nice curtain. I had my desk like this for a while but with white eyelet fabric around it, back when my computer was in the bedroom.

In normal homes, especially with children or grandkids, the skirts will end up askew, on the top, in the food, hanging wonky ..and hiding little people.

You know it's true.

This is so beautiful. I like the idea of storing in plain sight, but it does require keeping the basket neat and not letting it become a catch-all for mail , magazines and toys.

Sometimes the *storage* seems more trouble than it's worth. Sometimes the storage ideas leave you with more storage problems than you began with.

Like, book cases. Magazines show the before shot of shelves filled with books then show the after with the shelves decorated and merchandized with plants, photos and doo-dads and it looks fabulous but....where did the books all go??

Under beds to collect dust? In the attic? Don't they read? For me it's just better to keep the books orderly and neat.

I mean isn't the idea of book shelves to hold books? So if you use them for decorative items then you still have to find a way to warehouse your books. Sorry, I like my books too much to do that.

I like this dining room ..or breakfast room as it is called here. But most people want more storage in an eat in room.
So while this clean , light and airy look is wonderful, is it practical for most people?
I'd be willing to try.
I really like the floor with the white. The blue and white is my favorite, its my bedroom and my living room colors.

This has nothing to do with storage but I can see it as a little girl's bedroom. It's a princess room I think.

But we all know it would not look like this from day to day.

There would be clothing on the furniture , maybe a hat hanging off the chandelier, those pillows would be all over the place and toys everywhere!

This is the company look after Mom gets on your case to "clean up that room. What is this a pig stye?!"

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. Storage is a big problem in many Paris apartments as there are no closets at all. We had to buy a big armoir for our clothing.

  2. Hi Annie: I love all those storage ideas. We're getting a little warmer, but it's still cold! Have a lovely weekend by the sea. HUGS

  3. Happy Saturday Annie;

    I love all the different ideas on storage. One thing my little apartment has is plenty of storage space. I have a big walk-in closet in my bedroom, a large hall closet in the entrance way and another storage closet large enough to store boxes (i.e., christmas stuff, air conditioner, garbage pail, etc.) including a large water heater. I'd love to have the shelves in the first photo above in my livingroom for my books, photos, etc. Neat looking!

    Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs

  4. Those photos are great ! What terrific ideas !
    Never fails...I sit down to write a chatty note to you and the Ever Expanding Cat chooses this moment to sky-rocket around the house mee-rowing at full voice...what a circus !
    Enjoy this rainy day with friends...it's a good day to go out to a late lunch...yum...

  5. And four or five years slipped away?

    I sometimes feel my life slipping away as well, but I'm hoping to grab hold of it and put it back on track. Sometimes we're imprisoned by the past and things that have happened to us.

    I know that being alone brings its own problems with it, though it can be nice sometimes.

    I'm clinically depressed, so I hope I haven't misinterpreted your quote in a negative light. I probably have though.

  6. Hi Annie! Nice storage ideas! I love shelves and bookcases but keeping them dust free is such a chore! Yet if you have storage that's hidden, you forget what's in there. We have too much stuff anyway! Remember George Carlin's great riff on "Stuff?" Hilarious! I'm sure it's on youtube!

    Poor Jacob is really sickl now, too. This is the worst bug! :(


  7. Beautiful pictures Annie! I know what you mean about storage. This old house has so little, but I wouldn't move for all the tea in china ;)


  8. Hi Annie! A quick hello! This rain is getting us all stir-crazy but the boys need to stay inside anyway. We have El Nino storms lined up tomorrow and into next week. We are already water-logged and can't take much more! (((Hugz)))

  9. Hi Annie,
    Great pictures and great ideas. I have more storgage space than I need living alone. My townhouse was almost new when I moved in 1991 so they build them with lots of walk in closets and cabinets. But I remember living in older homes that did not have enough storage space. Have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Dru


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