February 15, 2010


The driveway is so icy it is impossible to walk on. It is deep , icy covered ridges of snow. I long ago got rid of the hard drive way and put in stones because the swamp maples uproot concrete and blacktop. You really can't shovel the stone driveway enough though.

To let you have some idea, the photo was 433 pixels wide by over 2500 pixels long! I made it smaller for easier uploading but that will give you an idea of the length of the icicles.

The longest icicle is easily more than 3 feet in length and they have been hanging here for days bordering both sides of the gutter.

I can't get to them to knock them down. They are pretty but show the damage to the soffits and gutters which do not channel water properly anymore. The icicles won't help them at all.

It's very cold out and we are supposed to get more snow on top of the over 4 feet we have had already.

The plowing crew knocked over my mail box but got it back on it's post again.

If we have a really rainy Spring I am going to picket the weather. This is South Jersey, we don't get much snow. I like it that way.

South Jersey as opposed to north jersey which we view as a completely different state. Our accents are completely different too. It's their fault we have snow, I just know it.


  1. I can't even imagine all that snow and ice - we don't get any snow here at all (Sydney Australia)... we have to travel at least 7 hours to see the snowfields in the winter.
    I wonder just how long that winter cold is going to last in America... it seems to be going for ages.

  2. Winters are as they were now when I was a child.
    In recent years they actually had become a bit milder.

    In the west snow of 100 feet or more over the course of a winter is usual.

  3. Hi Annie,
    I was lol here about the north Jersey and south Jersey. In CA it is kind of like that. Northern CA is much different than So CA but we don't have accents ;) People are very much different. Even here the Valley is diffrent than the westside (Bev Hills, Westwood etc) Yikes you are really cold. I am sorry to put our 80's in your face but I would rather it be cooler really. Where I live we get really hot in the Summer's as opposed to the Westside they are much cooler with the ocean breeze. Have a wonderful day. I will let you know how The Wolfman was :)
    Hugs, Dru

  4. Hi Annie! Those icicles are amazing- really pretty to look at but I guess they can be dangerous, can't they? There's a show on about Jersey Shores or something. Never seen it but it's getting a lot of press. I'm not into those types of shows- I like Survivor, Amazing Race, Idol and Dancing shows... not the ones with loser people or "Real Housewives." ;) Hope you have a great week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  5. The sun has been out here in Brooklyn the past two days, so we had some snow melt, but it is snowing again this evening! This is a winter for the bad winter record books, that's for sure!

  6. My mom is in No. Jersey and she said that about the big icicles too. And I hear your getting more snow soon. I remember snows like this tho when I was a child. I moved away because of them and then you got mild winters for a long time. I see this just as a cycle come round again. But regardless I dont want to move back. Im now up in the Pacific NW. Finally got out of Ca. and I just love it. Its like a cross between Ca. and NJ. and Im where theres rarely any snow.

  7. Oh that's so funny about it being North Jersey's fault for the weather lol
    I LOVE the icicles and always loved knocking them off when we had them up north. It's been very cold here too ! it was a wind chill of 22 here this morning and won't make it out of the 40's i believe, and it's not supposed to be that cold here either. hmmmmm some winter, i bet it's north carolina's fault lol
    have a great day !

  8. As far as I'm concerned , the only snow I like is on a postcard ! You guys who love the stuff may gladly have mine ! This Summer girl is counting the days to warmer weather ( although I distinctly remember shoveling 18" of "partly cloudy" that fell in April, back in the early 80's).


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