February 5, 2010

No Snow. I Just Refuse.

Uh oh. We are due for a huge storm.

Being as far south in my state as I am we get hit by storms that come up from the south west over Maryland and over to us. When they come from that direction they are usually huge.

We don't share New York's weather all the time but we do get what Washington and Philly get more often.

I guess the biggest worry in large storms are power outages especially with the very cold temperatures we have been having.

DC is waiting for as much as 30 inches. Won't be the first time but, I could do without it.
Until then I leave you with a nice photo of my back bay salt marshes.
Have a warm, safe weekend.


  1. I hear you. We have had nothing but cold, rainy and damp weather with snow flurries predicted for this evening and late into the night Hope the storm passes quickly your way and on to sunny weather again. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Blessings. Sea Witch

  2. Hi Annie: Sound like you are getting quite a storm. Stay safe and warm. HUGS

  3. Time to make a pot of soup and cookies ! Hope all is well and that Spring comes soon...


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