February 16, 2010

Pizza and Pearls

More snow! This has got to stop!

To make myself feel better I made some homemade pizza for dinner. It's delicious and loaded with all my favorite goodies. This one has mushrooms, peppers and tomato slices and cheese.

By the way I make homemade pepperoni and salami from beef or ground turkey since I don't eat pork. I was thinking about all the things people like to put on pizza and thought of that.
I do not use meat on pizza, just cheese and veggies,  but so many people like it that I thought I might post my recipe for it so it's up on Rock and Roll Cafe. I will get around to putting up my recipe for homemade salami too. It's worth the trouble to make as its quite good tasting.

I could live on pizza if it ever came down to it.

It has it all, fresh bread, cheeses, tomatoes, veggies of all kinds.

 I just had to show you this lovely freshwater pearl necklace my friend Katy at Tea and Conversation with Katy made for me.
The photo doesn't do it justice. The pearls are shades of irridescent blues and greens and light black. It's amazing in person.
She also made me the earrings there.

I just love them.

Now back to eating my pizza. Want a slice or two?


  1. Thanks for the invite Annie ;-} I'll take two pieces of Pizza. Can I request roasted peppers and anchovies on mine the next time you make it?? LOL! I used to make my own too when I had a houseful to feed.

    The freshwater pearls are truly lovely. So much prettier than cultured pearls. I don't wear pearls but I would wear that necklace and lovely earrings.

    Have a lovely evening my friend. Hugs

  2. Only if I can eat it with you.

  3. I will take a pie with extra sauce and no mushrooms please.

  4. Hi Annie,
    Your pizza looks yummy! I do love pizza too. Your fresh water pearl necklace looks really cute and with the earings. Sorry about all that snow. A friend came back from Dallas and it snowed there like crazy over the weekend and by Monday it was sunny and all snow melted away. She felt like she had been in the Twilight Zone LOL Hope you have a wonderful evening and Wednesday. By the way I am a real big Jim Carrey fan and also loved The Majestic along with The Cable Guy, The Truman Show & The Number 21 all bad reviews from the critics :(

    Hugs, Dru

  5. oh darn, now I'm gonna have to have some pizza. We make homemade pizzas all the time. We put everything on them, but no meat either. We put the works on with veggies, but I like them plain and simple sometimes too.
    Oh yum, it looks delicious. I'll have two please cause I'm a pig.

    The pearls are gorgeous ! wow how beautiful!

    keep fingers crossed and spring will come someday *sighs*


  6. The pizza craving is contagious...see , it's spread throughout your entire viewing audience !
    Your recipes look wonderful...can't wait to try the newest one.
    Thank you for showing the jewelry . It's something I really enjoy doing - especially to such an appreciative recipient (blush ).Once dug out from this "special" white stuff, a trip will have to be made for more raw materials . Any requests ?

  7. Between yesterday and today's meals, I need to go to detox...but, that pizza does look good. Love those pearls, as well!


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