February 3, 2010

Snow and Groundhogs

Our groundhog didn't see his shadow, so Phil, you are all wet this year!

Our groundhog lives under the back shed with his/her family. One year I got to see the babies and talk about adorable.

Soft brown furry cutie pies, three of them roaming around the yard bumping into each other, tumbling in the grass. So very sweet .

We met our groundhog or woodchuck as some call them, when one of the youngun's was coming home from school a few years ago. She went to a private religious school and got home a bit early that day and had gone round to the back of the house to throw away some junk that had accumulated in her backpack.
As she rounded the corner by the trash can, she was met with the sight of the animal stuffing his face with the remains of last night's Ziti. It was smeared all over his little face , and he was holding a piece in his hands ready to scarf down more.
Their eyes met... he screamed , she screamed and both ran to their respective homes for safety.
"Mom,Mom.. there a beaver in the backyard!!"she yelled skidding round the kitchen corner to find me.
Although the "beaver" didn't make an appearance on Groundhogs Day, there was no sun for any shadow to appear.
They have to pull Phil out of his home  each year. No fun for Mr. Phil.

We had snow during the night, thick wet snow that won't stay around too very long.

Photos are taken outside my house on the woods side.


  1. Beautiful pictures. And while snow can be a Pita it sure is pretty. Cute story too. I just have moles here :(

  2. Lovely winter photos. Just discovered your blog, really ejoying it. Sea Witch

  3. Hi Annie,
    Boy that sure is a lot of snow. I have always felt sorry for poor Phil being yanked out every year. But I am such an animal fanatic that I even feel sorry for race horses ;) I think it is mean to make them race!! In my area all we see are squirrels, racoons and possums and a coyote in the hills behind me. Hope you see Spring a lot sooner than 6 weeks.
    Hugs, Dru

  4. Hi Annie! I wondered before if we didn't have groundhogs in California so I looked it up and they said we called them Marmots. Now whether that's just another name or if they are just related, I'm not sure, but I have seen them in Yosemite. They are always at this scenic turnoff bumming food from cars.

    Ryan had the little bear with the womb sounds, too, and Jessica felt it was a lifesaver! (((Hugz)))

  5. Hi Annie: The pics are so gorgeous. I remember when my son and I moved back here after my Mother died, we had one in the clover in the lawn just before it would be mowed. The woodchuck would come out in the early evening to munch. Tripp loved it and waited eagerly to see him.'
    Washer is fixed and we're good. Have a great day. HUGS PS Stay safe from the storm this weekend.


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