February 24, 2010

Thinking of Summer

It rained all day yesterday and they are promising us more snow and stormy weather for the next few days. It has got me thinking of summertime.
Back in the ante-diluvian days I lived in south Florida. My 'used to be- hubby' was a native Floridian complete with accent,which I think is now a thing of the past since so many have moved there. I have fond memories of my days there and miss it now and then when the weather acts up.

Surfing doesn't stop just because of winter. The guys have wetsuits and they brave the worst of hurricanes and the coldest of winters as well.
In winter the waves are consistently larger so that's the draw and also they love the sport so much. There is something about beach people that is different than others. We are a different breed and are crazy for the ocean and all it offers. Most of us would have to be dragged away kicking and screaming I think. This photo is 100% NJ Surf taken in my area.The gray color is typical stormy day surf.

Ron Jon's Surf Shop is one of the largest in the world and have everything for the beach and surfing. It isn't summer if you don't see this colorful facade shining in the sun out on the island. They have other stores but this one stands out for me in memory. Its located in Surf City.
They also have big stores in Florida and South Carolina. Since I was young this place always meant summertime.
When I go by it even in winter I think that summer is coming. Makes you want summer all year long.
All their stores have great facades. They even have a Caribbean resort for those who can't wait for summer.

I didn't take this photo, I found it online but it's taken in a town north of me.
They are die hards even when the beach is covered with snow, which happens rarely, but does occur.
I have been busy redesigning my other blog and it has been taking longer than usual as I just can't decide on a format for it. Maybe I will have to leave it as is. I am just not sure.

And now I must return to the salt mines and get things done, though I would much rather play on the internet with you all.
Have a lovely and thoroughly sunny day!


  1. Hi Annie: What a lovely post. You clearly love the ocean. I do too and would love to live near it. There's nothing like an early AM walk along the beach. I don't think we're getting hit too hard with this storm. Have a great day.

  2. This is awesome to see. I showed it to my bf. Hes a CA boy who grew up in Ore. but surfed the left coast all his life. He laughed when he saw the surfer but I told him its colder here than there. The Atlantic can warm up to 75 degrees in the summer. Thats unheard of out here. The Pacific is always freezing so folks here dont understand that.

    But those snow surfers.....now thats a shot lol Diehards for sure.

  3. Hi Annie

    I had a boyfriend many years ago that owned a catamaran and I went sailing with him in the depths of winter. The wet suits kept us so warm! That's youth ... I'd never so that now!

    Hope we don't too much snow with the next storm!

  4. You're preaching to the choir here about the beach! I could never live anywhere where I was landlocked! In fact, I gre up about 2 or 3 miles from the beach near Venice/Playa del Rey in SoCal and now we are about 20 minutes from Zuma/Malibu. Funny about "Surf City"- Justin lives in Huntington Beach and they won a lawsuit against Santa Cruz over the title "Surf City" so I guess that's just in California. I'm very curious about what a Floridian accent sounded like...


  5. Hi Annie,
    On the west coast our guys surf year round too BUT the Pacific ocean is always cold not like the Atlantic. I never realized that we were the only ones with a cold ocean year round until my first trip east. Surfers go out when the weather is bad because the waves are larger. I had a few surfer boyfriends in my time. Is the accent in Florida a little southern sounding? I can't quite imagine what it would sound like. Summer will be hear before we know it. Thanks again for such a great post ;)
    Hugs, Dru

  6. Gosh, surfing with snow on the beach. They must really like those waves. I've never tried it myself.

  7. Good Morning !
    Another great post...love your photos ! I'm an ocean girl , too...this icebox season and its white stuff just doesn't float my boat .Walking on the beach and living within the sound of surf and warm sunshine is more like it !
    Stay warm and well...winter is waning...I hope , I hope...

  8. Lord have mercy...surfing with snow on the beach? It was 60 degrees here today in South Florida, a beautiful crisp day and great for shopping, which I did a lot of! Wishing you warmer weather real soon:)


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