April 20, 2010

Garden Work

photo left: Scottish Broom hanging down into the large pond out back.

It has been a busy few weeks here with holidays, now past, but more coming and yard work to clean up trees and fallen limbs from winter storms. Getting the ponds summerized is a job in itself and they are , well one is, sparkling clear now and the large one well on it's way to being so

Filters on the big pond were cleaned out. The filter pads weigh a ton and by the time I am done cleaning I am ankle deep in water.
I found a snake under a plant I was removing and got rid of him. I do not like those critters.

But a huge Japanese spreading juniper got chopped up because it was just taking over everything. it looked nice hanging over into the water but in the end I think I made the right choice.

My Scottish Brooms now have to be trimmed after they are done blooming. One was destroyed in the big snow storms we had and two others are looking scraggly from it. I am most sorry about the one that blooms bright orange-red. It did not make the winter very well and has very sketchy growth on it now.
The others are white and pale yellow. I like them, they are very fragrant but they tend to get sloppy looking I think as they grow tall and thin and bend over a lot.

Next up will be trimming the woods that encroach over the fences and on into the yard. Being surrounded by nature is nice but it's a lot of work too.

Mowing grass is needed but the front of the yard is partly over an underground stream and so what with all the rain its soupy by the roadway. More rain coming on Thursday so not sure what will happen in that department.
Today, however is sunny and cool and a nice day to accomplish a bit more perhaps.
Hope your day goes well !

Oh, in keeping with Darylynn's discussion on state flowers and birds, New Jersey's state flower is the purple violet, which is one of my all time favorite flowers and I like violet perfume too.

Our state bird is the Goldfinch.

But take a look at this photo of an arbor made of growing vintage violets!

Amazing isn't it. You can click on it to see it in its huge size.

Before I forget:
Linda at Frenchless in France is having a drawing for jewelry made by her daughter in law. Its a lovely piece featuring Linda's photography and if you have not seen her photos please visit her blog , they are gorgeous.
Wander over and enter and you will be stuck on her blog just as I am.
I found Linda's blog a few years ago while looking for an image online. It lead me to her blog and I sat there reading almost the entire thing that very day. She gives you a chance to see France through her camera lens and she creates a very special portrait that will linger with you and make you long to visit there soon.


  1. Your pond is a beauty, and the fish look so healthy and happy ! Glad you got outside to tackle the outside Spring cleaning...so satisfying . Today is sunny...hope you have a lovely day !

  2. I adore violets too and are one of my favorite flowers. Not sure I have any here yet but if not Ill be planting soem eventually.

    How did they get that arbor to grow like that tho? Violets dont vine.....so they must have some growing medium attached to that or something. Ive never seen them grow like that.

  3. Hi Annie;

    What beautiful photos, I'm enjoying going to different blogs of our friends and seeing the lovely flowers and bushes in bloom. I love violets and the photo of the vintage violets arbor is lovely, serene and I can smell the violets from here. ;-}

    I'll have to visit Linda's blog as you peeked my curiosity. :) Have a lovely day my friend. Hugs

  4. Hi Annie! I bet your fish are happy it's spring, too. Goldfinches are one of the prettiest birds that we have in SoCal. I have finch feeders and buy expensive nyjer seed just for them. I used to have an upside down feeder since they are the only finch that can invert to feed. Thanks for sharing about another blog. (((Hugz)))

  5. Hi Annie,
    What beautiful pictures. I love your pond Annie! I love purple violets and goldfinch's. Wish they were our states flower and birds!! I am going to go check the website out right now. Thanks :)
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Dru

  6. Hi Annie, Your pond looks so lovely...I wish you would take a shot of the entire pond & foilage. A snake!!?? I would have fainted or worse. I am petrified of them - even a picture of one. I'm afraid I couldn't work out in the garden again if I were you. You are made of tougher stuff than I! :-)

    Such lovely photos - the violets were so beautiful! I am now going to go visit the blog you mentioned. Have a lovely day Annie. Hugs!

  7. Thanks for the very kind words. I am in Provence now out there pulling weeds everyday but enjoying the sunshine. The pond looks so beautiful but I'm not sure if I would be up to the work it would entail. You have done a great job there.

  8. Ciao Annie, I love violets, so beautiful! I don't think I have ever seen a Goldfinch, it's a beauty! Have a lovely day! :D

  9. Beautiful flowers! Loving the scottish broom, I must get some of it for sure now.
    So glad I was brought to your site :)

    Denise of Ingleside, PEI


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