April 8, 2010

Southern Jersey

Elizabeth asked if I live in the south.No, I am in NJ. But we have many similarities being on the coast.

New Jersey has a problem! You see, southern NJ is very different from north Jersey and there is a great divide between us like our own Mason Dixon line!

But seriously, our salt marsh is quite similar to a lovely photo Elizabeth posted on her blog.

The water leads out into the bay but to the sides flows into piney woods filled with scrub pines, swamp maples , holly trees and scrub oak, known as the Pine Barrens.

The Barrens are similar to the great pine barrens of FLorida and other states and southern Jersey shares similar sights of those you see as you go southward.

When I visit Delaware, the Carolinas, even right down into Florida the scenes are very similar.

South Jersey , as I mentioned once before is a sub tropical climate. Hard to believe but, yes, it really is.

These photos are all taken just behind where I live.

I have been so busy with holidays and cooking that I had no real time to blog here. I am hopefully less busy now!
Have a lovely day tomorrow.


  1. Hi Annie :)

    It does look like the south! It's beautiful :)

    Congratulations to your daughter on her straight A's!

    Thank you for your sweet words to me on my friendship post. You're such a great friend to me and I appreciate you.


  2. Hello Annie,
    Yes it is hard for someone to believe that S. NJ is sub-tropical, but I believe you if you say it is. I guess it's hard to believe because of all the snow you get. But that picture of the marsh sure does look a lot like some of the places here in SC. any gators up there? lol

    I LOVED your story about the walk with Gordon, did you write it? If you did, then you need to seriously be writing books!
    Congrats on your daughter! And I loved the wonderful 1888 blizzard pictures. I love to see how they dressed, etc. I guess they didn't have snow trucks, etc, I bet they didn't even have salt for the streets back then? I wonder ???

    Love the blue/green telephone toppers, something after my own heart. I don't know why I love things like that.

    Have a wonderful and blessed day ♥♥♥

  3. You are so kind to remember my friend Jan in your prayers! We are obviously VERY concerned for her and believe in the power of prayer:)

  4. Hi Annie! What beautiful photos! I have never been to New Jersey but it looks very nice.

    Take care hun!

  5. Hi Annie,
    Where you live might as well be a foreign country to me LOL I have never made it to NJ yet. It sure looks beautiful! I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  6. Hi Annie! I didn't realize you were from New Jersey. I thought you were from New York. Lovely photos, & I wouldn't have guessed they were New Jersey. I hope things slow down for you now, & give you more time to blog. I love reading your posts! Hugs

  7. Hi Annie - I just left a comment, but don't see it. :-( I hope it didn't get lost in cyber-space. Sending big hugs!

  8. Hi Annie! Great photos! I know more about South Jersey from you than I did before. My prior knowledge was limited to the Sopranos and Kelly Rippa talking about the corn! :) Now there's Jersey Shores (on MTV, I think) which I've never seen but it's hard to miss hearing about Snookie. :D Of course my favorite Jersey product is Bruce Springsteen! :D

    I didn't get word about it from Toni but she has closed her blog... don't know why or if it's permanent. She is on Facebook and Dru joined FB so she could keep in touch with Toni. If you are not averse to joining, there's many of our friends there.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  9. It really looks lovely. I haven't explored much of New Jersey but won't pass it up if I ever get the chance.

  10. Hi Annie, this is pretty amazing, I had no idea it could be so Southern looking in NJ but it's South NJ :o) We're so far apart & it's incredible. There's a big difference though, our bayous are not salt water. Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Annie! I wanted to stop by & wish you a wonderful weekend. Can't wait for your next post. Hugs!

  12. These are also partly fresh water.
    They begin as cedar water flowing out from the barrens and become brackish as they reach the bay and then salt water.

  13. Hi Annie;

    Love the photos of Southern NJ. As a youngster I use to spend many weekends in Long Branch, NJ where I had many relatives.

    I've sent out email to regarding my new site that goes online tomorrow. I'm not crzy about Facebook and still prefer blogging. Hope to see you there my friend. Have a great Tuesday.

  14. I always love coming here and seeing pictures of my home state. Ironically with me now in Oregon... well I moved here cuz its alot like NJ. And the area I live in is coastal and looks like this in places here too. I lived in central Jersey tho when I was there. But I often went south to the beaches and such. People say ewwww when you mention NJ. The sad part is all most ever get to see is around Newark airport. I tell them, NJ is called the Garden State for a very good reason and that area is not why lol

  15. Love coming to visit you here ! You always share interesting subjects and beautiful photos . The headers are so lovely...you are a talented artist , as well !
    I hope you enjoy the spring weather and get out for more photos...Thanks for such a neat blog !


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