April 13, 2010

Sheepish Criminals!

Maximiliano Pereyra, 25,(left) and Ariel Diaz, 28 (right in photo)escaped from an Argentinian maximum security prison dressed like sheep. Downright adorable criminals if you ask me!
There must be some miscarriage of justice as no one so cute could possibly be deemed 'robbers'.

The pair, seen in the photo to the left in the original disguises, have been seen by locals running through fields at night .

Police have issued the following photos taken by local farmers along the escape route are asking everyone to be on the alert for animals or plants seeking food, water , fertilizer or any kind of unusual hand outs.

Here the pair were photographed in sunflower disguises. The farmer was tipped off to something being amiss when two of the flowers, unusually tall for this time of year, asked for water and some fish for 'fertilizer'.

"We never give fertilizer of fish in the spring time" said Juan Valdez the owner of the flower farm and former famous coffee grower. "So I knew something wasn't right".

Looking for the pair has become something of a Where's Waldo adventure for Argentinian authorities.
You can read the real story HERE

Photo of the two criminals stepping over the body of a fallen prison guard.


  1. Hi Annie!
    What cute criminals!
    That is quite the story, isn't it?
    Hope you are doing well.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Ewe must be pulling the wool over our eyes...giving us fuzzy details...suffering from hoof-in-mouth reporting ? Trying to ram falsehood down our throats ? It's all white...we still love you , Lamby...

  3. LOL!! You have definitely made my day start out enjoyable Annie. Love the two "criminals" in their original disguises. My favorite shot is their stepping over the fallen guard. ;-} Great entry my friend.

  4. Hi Annie! What a fun way to start my day! You made me laugh. I love lambs! What cute photos. I loved seeing them with the fallen prison guard. :-) Too funmy & too cute! Have a wonderful day. Hugs!

  5. Ciao Annie, I have seen you on many of my friends' blogs, so thought I would come by and say hello! :) You have a great place here. Love all your photos. Cheers from Scotland. :)

  6. OK, Katy already took all my wisecracks! Cute story! I like the Where's Waldo aspect of it all. :) I loved your fessing up to all your criminal exploits on my blog. I think we would've hit it off well as kids because I was a bit of a mischief-maker with a halo, too. ;) (((Hugz)))

  7. Hi Annie,
    That was a cute story until I read the real story and that made me a little upset that the prisoners killed the sheep and were wearing their heads and skins OMG. What is wrong with people??? But your story was sweet ;) Hope you have a wonderful evening!
    Hugs, Dru

  8. Great post, well done! I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I'd love to follow along. Please let me know if you add a follow me section. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  9. OMG, I am loving the fallen prison guard. How sweet was this post, I am grinning from ear to ear. Sea Witch

  10. Hi Katherine and thanks.
    You can still follow, though as I do have a few followers , not sure how it's done though. I use the old style blogger and didnt switch to the xml because I like fooling around with my site too much. While I can do it in xml its just easier and more versatile this way. I should look into making my own follower widget.

  11. okay i heard the story about the sheep disguises but you weren't going to get me with the sunflowers lol
    did they really kill the sheep to get away? how horrible! poor sheep :(

  12. Love those lambs. There is a new batch of them near us. Don't love the flies.

  13. Hi Annie;

    Dropped in to wish you a happy Friday and a lovely weekend my friend. :)

  14. Hello Annie, what a great post! I love C.S. Lewis quote. It is the story of my life :o) I love your header & the one you did for Sandy, you are very talented! Have a great week ahead, hugs

  15. Hi Annie, I was enjoying looking at all the photos on your website. I too was busy with the holidays and my birthday and now spring events and such. I didn't know you had two other blogs. I guess one can never have to many blogs! thanks for sharing your photos. Have a great week Annie! Big hugs


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