May 24, 2010

Emotional Night....

I have never experienced a program as gut wrenching , heart breaking, heart moving and life changing as ABC's LOST. Nothing has come close to this.

Ripped from a plane and entering a walk of life that will find them ultimately saving mankind at the cost of their own lives in one way or another, the programs ends with them ripped from life and having their own lives 'saved' in eternity by how they handled life in the here and now. Then, in the end, it was more than worth the sacrifices and trials for all of them. Some died on the island, some long after but all of them sacrificed there. It changed them all.

The reunions of lost lovers and family and friends were watched by millions through eyes blurry with tears. It was impossible not to cry. It was impossible not to be moved. Even male critics say they found themselves hugely moved to tears.

Love it or hate it, the end has come and is what it is and it will be different for every person who watched through the last 6 years. But no one can possibly say that LOST was not a life changing emotional experience that has left most of it's viewers changed people. I don't know of any other television show or movie that can say that. You might like characters on programs, you might weep at a death or whoop it up over a victory but I can guarantee you that you have not experienced anything like Lost .

A chapter has closed what a ride. Though, it isn't over really. A movie might be in the plans..who knows now. But fans of the show will be talking about what it all meant for a long time to come and again, each will find their own meaning in this walk through life.

I think that people found it impossible not to cry because we saw ourselves in this show. We saw ourselves in that ending. See, we all go through trials in this life and we battle evil all along the way. It is no rose garden for any of us. Each person goes through things that for them are monumental is scope. We lose partners, children, loved ones. We experience disease and life threatening illness ourselves and see our loved ones go through them also. We are all engaged in battles for life in one way or another. Our adventures might not make the movies but they are every bit as dramatic and earth shaking to us as we go through them. It's just that no musical score is provided to play them up. There could be though. Vast, sweeping, panoramic musical scores to the life of every person on earth. Taking care of a parent in need, what a roller coaster of emotion. How difficult! It is as if you are conquering nations. Taking care of a challenged child, saving a marriage, raising children, seeing people you care about pulled from the brink, changed, redeemed, transformed...we all live those deep, momentous adventures and each one is a hero.
Little victories, great devastations, we go through all of them. And, we are flawed, we are in need of redemption, but we are moving toward that. We are striving to be more than we are, striving to be all that we are able to be and if some are not, there are others who will move heaven and earth to encourage us to do just that.

We are all Lost once in a while. Some of us are more lost than others. Some see plainly, some through dark and smokey mirrors but we all experience life in one way or another.
Some run into it and others run from it, however, it is the journey that matters and how we handle it that counts. The power of heroism is in how we allow life to form and shape us into the beings that we are created to become.

As Jack Shephard said, "we can live together or die alone".

I will be watching the series over again with some of my LOST buddies. It will be quite different the second time around.


  1. Hi Annie,
    I watched Lost for 2 seasons then I got lost. They had the writers strike and repeats. I gave up. But I felt the way you did when Six Feet Under on HBO had their finale. It was the best and saddest finale I had ever seen to date I saved it and watched it many times over again. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. I only saw part of the first season and never got to watch the rest. It sure seems to have caught the imagination of America.

  3. Hi Annie,
    Hope you are having a nice day!

    I didn't watch Lost, but I have been hearing people talk about it.

    Take care

  4. Hi Annie, I have never seen an episode of LOST, but having read your post, I am now very saddened that I didn't. What a wonderful touching post! You brought me to tears. It actually made me think - what would my music sound like if I had a score written for my life? This was such a lovely post Annie, & I am now wanting to go get the seasons of LOST. Hugs!

  5. You took the words right out of my mouth Annie! ;-} I'm going to truly miss Lost and feel a little lost without it. Knowing how it all ends I don't think a movie would do it justice even though I would be the first on line. LOL! But I now plan on buying the series dvds from season 1 on, a little at a time. I'm so glad they ended it the way they did. I think it's great we are both "Losties". We really have a lot in common don't we!! Have a lovely day my friend. Hugs

  6. I never watched the show. Not once. But, like others, I've heard all about the finale. It was obviously great!! Your post is awesome. It truly depicts what we all go through in life...nobody gets out without going through trials and pain. Very well written Annie!


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