May 23, 2010

LOST in LOST....

have not been able to post for a bit, for various reasons but I will try to make a decent post tomorrow or early Monday. Things have been kind of iffy in life so , I have been too distracted to get much done. Also I have not been visiting around like I love to do but will try to make up for that tomorrow and Monday too.
Tomorrow I have a friend coming for lunch in the afternoon and then tomorrow night is the end of ABC's LOST from 7 Pm til late and as I have been a faithful viewer since the first episode I will be watching the final episodes of LOST at my tv buddies home in the evening(my daughter and her family).
I have never been a "fan" of programs or movies or anything really. Certainly not of stars, was never impressed etc. But I got very interested in the mystery of LOST and loved trying to figure it all out with others. It became a whole community of people, very nice people most of them, who left posts and articles on what they thought was happening. Though I never posted or gave any opinion online ( I am mostly just a lurker and too shy mostly) I was always happy and interested to see what others thought.
I was amazed how smart some people are and amazed by the writing ability of some fans who made up their own episodes. The videos made, the games, the forums, the ideas that have come out of this program are a wonder and just a tribute to good marketing really too.
All in all its been a wonderful time for 6 years really and I have to say I am going to truly miss watching LOST.
I think it will be time to rewatch with my buddies if they are willing to do that.
So I will be posting later on.
Hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful and quiet weekend.


  1. Hi Annie;

    Another thing we have in common. I too am an avid fan of "Lost" and have watched it since day one. It's killing me that tonight is the final episode in one way, but yet in another I can't wait to see how it all ends. I have my snacks and comfy chair ready and now I wait... LOL!! Have a great day and let's hope we will be thrilled with the finale. ;-} Hugs

  2. Good Morning !
    The weekend has come and gone and I am getting an early start on the day . Hope last night's "LOST" was all you hoped for ! Let me know when you begin the re-runs so I can catch up !
    Have a great day !

  3. Hello Annie, I hope you enjoyed the last episode of Lost. It's lovely to see it with friends & family. Have a great week!

  4. Hi Annie! I hope you enjoyed the Lost finale. I've read and seen it discussed on TV how it ended. Jimmy Kimmel did a funny bit last night- take off on the ending of the Newhart Show. Did you stay up for that, too? Justin is coming tonight and it's the series finale of 24 so I'll sacrifice DWTS to watch that with him. I'll watch DWTS on DVR before Tuesday night's results. Glad you had Lost Buddies- it's fun to share a common interest. (((Hugz)))


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