May 26, 2010

Spring in Full Swing

Trees have finished their showing as have other plants but now still more take their turn in showing off.

Spring is now in full swing in South Jersey. Wild Roses are growing up one side of the house by the chimney and out back have covered half of the little succah.
These roses are white, though they come in light pink and darker pink as well. I didn't plant them , they are native to the area and grow wild. Their fragrance is sweet and once they are gone leave behind rose hips by the dozens.

The next picture is a climbing hydrangea. It goes up the front side of the house by the front window. It needs trimming but it is a beauty with very large blossoms.

Here is a third of the little front pond . It is planted round about with mountain pinks, minature roses of various colors , begonias and other flowers. Here is my little yellow rose.

Sorry for blur. I am not a steady girl lately. This is the succah with wild rose that has claimed one half of it already. The other half is covered with Wisteria. In fall I cut it back in order to use the succah, but leave the branches on the top as it's roof.

A closer look at the wild rose.

The phragmites is growing taller. It will reach up to 15ft before it's done.


  1. Your late sporing blooms are all lovely, Annie The wild roses are my favorite.

  2. Anonymous26 May, 2010

    Aren't you the woman in that L'Oréal commercial?

  3. Hello dear Annie, I am in love with the music of Adios Nonimo, it reminds me of old world and being in a castle (although I have not been in either one lol)

    I love Spanakopita and have it whenever I can. I like it with the phyllo dough as it is less fattening. Thank you for the recipe so nicely put on the index cards.

    We get a lot of pollen here too in early spring. It is yellow, I believe it is Pine pollen and all the cars turn yellow, they get covered in it. Thankfully I am not allergic to it!

    I love the idea of your Paradise State, although it must have lots of magnolia trees, honeysuckle and wisteria that blooms all the time. It must get a tad bit warmer than 85 for those days I like swimming warmer than that, I don't want one goosebump on me lol, it's like that here during the summer nights when I sneak into the swimming pool at the other subdivision. I love those warm, humid nights. I really do. Much too cold for me for October to April! But I can't stand the cold, at all, ever.

    Your flowers are very beautiful and you knew that you can change the colors of the hydrangea?

    Love the calendar with the hand going through the water!

    Hey I was going to rent some of the Lost DVD's but now I know the ending! No fair with ending spoilers (just kidding) lol


  4. oh, ps love love love the header, you can almost see the action!

  5. Matthew Fox does Loreal commercials. no I am not matthew Fox.

  6. Anonymous27 May, 2010

    He does, but so does Linda Evangelista. I just didn't want to risk posting your name on your blog.

  7. Thank you , again , for a lovely way to begin my day !
    Your photos are uplifting and beautiful...the places captured are serene...what a gift !
    May today be all you hope for...and more bountiful blessings on top !

  8. Don't worry anonymous you didn't at all.


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