August 24, 2010

Just a Bit More Summer Please

I have to correct the shark info on the shark video I posted. The famous anonymous kid our official family surfer and all things beach expert, reminded me that it is not a harmless sand shark but that it is a Thresher . She knew it immediately from its tail fin! Smart girl :). Not so harmless after all.

From algae ridden and soupy green to crystal clear in just a week.
Fish are too big to be eaten by all but the largest of birds so they are pretty safe even though they can be seen.
Only one large plant in the big pond this year and a good luck bamboo that fell into the bottom.

I have to give away some of these fish as I do not like to have so many. I think I have someone in mind and hope she will be happy to get them.
They are mostly about a foot long, some larger, some smaller and it will give her new fish for her pond at no cost to her.

It rained all day today, mostly light rain but much needed. The skies were dark all day and the air slightly cooler than usual. It was like a late October day really, but not as chilly.
There is one month left of summer and I can't help but feel I didn't get to enjoy it enough. The intense 100 degree heat of July just made it too hot to do much.
Usually I love to see fall come,but this year I would like a bit more summer.


  1. More summer , please ! "Life" has intruded once again , with no time for the healing trips to the ocean . I've not had my fill of corn on the cob , outdoor grilled burgers and hotdogs , all the wonderful traditional "sides" and juicy watermelon . Where are my toasted marshmallows (NOT the same done over your gas stove !)?
    Where is the time to just sit at water's edge and let the wind ruffle your hair and the surf wash over your watch the clouds sail by and identify their just ?? sigh...

  2. HI Annie!
    Love the pic of the fish, they are so pretty.
    Our summer has been hot and humid for the most part. I am looking forward to autumn. :-)
    Take care, have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Annie;

    I'd be afraid of any type of shark, especially not knowing which were harmless or harmful.
    Our weather has been cooler with rain on and off but summer is coming back full force with temps back up in the high 80's and low 90's.
    Love the photo of your pond and fish. I'm sure the other person will love getting a few.
    Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

    PS: I love your new header.

  4. The pond looks lovely! You do a really great job of breeding fish! How does one gift fish? Trying to imagine the logistics of you driving them somewhere in a huge pan with water slopping all over the place! ;) Like some Lucy and Ethel escapade! ;) (((Hugz)))

  5. Hi Annie,
    Great looking fish! You have such a lovely pond. I am with Darylynn how do you gift fish ;) We actually had a rain storm about 80 miles from us. It never rains in So Cal. Our weather is dropping 30 degrees by the weekend. Crazy scary weather this Summer for sure. Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Dru

  6. The pond looks pretty, there are so many fishes, how do you do in winter? Do they go in a special tank indoors? I hope you get more summer in the way, I remember beautiful days until Halloween in New York City area. It seems that your day is bright & sunny & warm, your night is going to be really cool. We're still in the high 90s here but it's drier which is lovely.

  7. Hi Annie! Thanks for the transporting fish info. That's how we get fish from the pet store so know about letting the little bag float for a while to acclimate. I haven't shown photos of the family room lately. The only real change will be the sofa but looks like I've got a wait for that blasted cushion! LOL! (((Hugz)))


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