August 13, 2010

This is just a quick post in addition to the main one below.
I urge you all to read this article about geotags in phone camera and digital cameras today.
You will most certainly want to disable this feature if you have it.


  1. Annie, that article was so interesting! I'm glad I don't have an iphone. Never dreamed this was possible! Thank you for sharing. Hugs!

  2. Hi Annie;

    Very informative article. I'm thankful I don't own an iphone, blackberry, etc.. Thanks for posting it. Hugs

  3. Hi Annie! I was aware that the police can locate you if you have a cellphone so it could be a good thing in the right hands. Unfortunately, bad people get a hold of the technology, too. Jessica wanted a video monitor for the baby but I had seen a news report that people can drive by neighborhoods with receivers and see your baby sleeping in it's crib! That freaked me out!!!

  4. Hi Annie,
    I knew this. I am not really worried since most pictures I take aren't at my home anyway. I have friends that actually use an app that their iPhone that lets people know on Facebook where they are traveling from home to wherever and they like that? I kind of laugh when I follow their whereabouts on FB.
    Hugs, Dru

  5. Thanks for this very interesting article, Annie. I turned my GPS off on my phone because it was using too much power. Now I'm doubly glad i did that!


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