September 8, 2010

Blogger now allows us to schedule posts before hand. It is a great way to make a post and then set it to publish itself later. Very nice idea.
Today was warm, blustery with the clearest skies. Autumn is coming!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I will be off until Sunday.
L'shana tova u'metuka to those celebrating Rosh Hashana.
To everyone: Love, Peace and Happiness always.


  1. I just muddle through blogging and don't really know how to implement all the new things. Your blogs always impress me!

  2. L'shana tova u'metuka Annie;

    May your year be a happy and blessed one. I love Blogger. I usually prepare posts from Monday to Friday and upload them and set them to post on the given day. I'll only edit them if I have to add something to them. :)

  3. Hi Annie,
    I did not know you could not set blogger set a post for later on? With WP I post the night before and set it to post at 12:01. Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy New Year my friend.
    Hugs, Dru

  4. Happy New Year, Annie. Enjoy your holiday! I always postdate my entries. I write them earlier in the evening and set it for 12.01 AM. (((Hugz)))

  5. Annie, lovely photo! How I look forward to Autumn! It's 95 here today, so it seems a long way off for me. :-(

    Please drop by my blog...another giveaway is in progress. I hope you join in the fun. Sending you big hugs Annie. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Hello Annie: we wish you "Love, Peace and Happiness" as well :)
    What a gorgeous shot, we would love to be there now... ~dreamy faces~
    Have a happy week!

  7. Hi Annie! Hope you had a nice holiday with family and good food. Love holidays with food! Enjoy the week ahead! September and October are lovely months there. (((Hugz)))


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