September 3, 2010

Earl Makes a Visit

See Hurricane Earl live on the Ocean City NJ beach cam HERE

Downgraded to a 1, Earl is passing by New Jersey more off coast than first thought, thankfully. So,it is not the wild ride it could have been.

Wind Speed: 40 knots
Wind Direction: NE
Sea State: Very rough
Condition: Over head
Ocean Temp: 75 F
Wave Height: 16 ft(thats 16 feet over the head of a 6 ft man)
UV Index: 2


  1. Hi Annie;

    I'm so glad "Earl's" bark was bigger than his bite! Thankfully he missed your area and never made to my area at all. Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs

  2. Seems Earl scared many away. Very empty looking beach today for a holiday weekend.

  3. Good to hear that Earl wasn't as bad as they feared. Glad Toni was missed, too. Hope you're enjoying a peaceful Labor Day weekend! (((Hugz)))

  4. Hi Annie my first husband's name was Earl, ick! I can't stand it they name hurricanes after people!
    My x was meaner then the Earl Hurricane ended up being. Have a great holiday weekend. big hugs

  5. Ciao Annie, happy Labor Day! :)
    Hurricane are so majestic and charming... from afar! ;)
    Have a very happy week.

  6. Hi Annie,
    Happy to hear Earl passed you by :) Happy Labor Day! I am working today and I am just happy to have a job on Labor Day ;)
    Hugs, Dru

  7. So glad you're okay !
    I hope the rest of the hurricane season fizzles out and the storms never reach your area .
    Did you have a nice Labor Day ? I wish you perfectly cooked burgers and wonderful summer veggies !

  8. L'shanah tovah!
    Hope you have a wonderful new year. I usually just observe Yom Kippur I have been fasting since I was a little child even though no one else in my house did ;) So next Friday at sundown my fast will start. Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Hugs, Dru

  9. We were all so lucky, well it passed by here and not neary a raindrop or a cool breeze. I am so relieved to know you were okay as I was keeping an eye out (no pun intended LOL) Yes whoever named the hurricanes this year need a swift kick HAHAHAH Some of the names are just plain ugly. I mean if we are going to be bombarded with something, let's at least have a classy name hah.
    Hope your having a great day and so glad the scare is over with now.

  10. Hi Annie! I was thinking about you as I watched the news on Earl. I'm so thankful that it wasn't as bad as they were thinking it would be. I can't imagine how scary it must be to wait & see what will happen.

    Hope you have a lovely rest of the week. Hugs!

  11. Hi Annie,
    Hope you had a lovely weekend :) Mine is almost over 3 more hours of work then to the kids house for a BBQ that has already started. Have a wonderful week ahead.
    Hugs, Dru


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