October 27, 2010

In The Wee Small Hours....

It was too chilly for crickets to sing much  last week, but this week has been warmer. Autumn warm, not summer warm.
Summer warm is thicker, heavier and the sunlight denser but autumn light is light and its warmth is not like the summer blanket that spreads out over you on hot summer days and nights.

Tonight I am up very late in the wee small hours. 
But I am not alone.
There is a cricket who is perching somewhere outside my window singing as if spring had just arrived. He stops only when the light rain begins to fall again as it has sporadically now for a few hours.
In between the bouts of sprinkles,  the clouds are scudding across the nearly full moon creating ghostly shadows across the lawn. Then, when the clouds come together they stop just long enough to sprinkle the lawns and move on again. The moon makes another appearance  and the cricket begins his song again.
In the smaller  front yard pond I can hear the waterfall trickling into the dense parrot feather plants that hide the fish  from the birds. Happy fish to have such green safety. The frog rests on his plants(they are his you know) and occasionally I hear a "plop" as he takes a moonlight dip in his pool.  His courting songs are behind him now as autumn brings chills with it.
But the cricket, he doesn't care what the frog or the fish are doing as long as he can sing his song into the night.
He is on the alert in his  yard. Singing to the fish and the frog and me.
What a happy, comforting and soothing sound floating in on the night air.


  1. Hello Annie, what a lovely posts, your cricket sounds so special, I like night sounds although here they are very loud in summer. Fall heat is very special, days are shorter so it's never as hot as summer. I hope you are having a great week!

  2. What a great post Annie. I felt like I was there sitting by the window listening to all the night sounds along with you. Tomorrow will end the Autumn warmth we have here in my boondocks. It reached 74 degrees and it was wonderful having my windows opened. Thanks for sharing and letting me "sit" with you in the wee small hours. ;-} Hugs

  3. I just love to read the things you write. Your writing is like music to the ears. You have such a gift of painting a picture with your words.

  4. Hi Annie! I really enjoyed reading this post. You definitely have a way with words. I love to sit outside and listen to the night sounds.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. I like to listen to crickets chirp! I'm never successful counting their sounds to see if I can predict the temperature.
    I heard the drip drip of rain last night...luckily we didn't get as much wind as was predicted, but that may come tomorrow. It's sad wehn winter comes and the windows have to be closed and the outside sounds are silenced.

  6. That sounds really lovely. Night can be such a magical time.

  7. What a lovely post, Annie! Gotta run, have a super duper day :)

  8. What a dear post !
    I agree with the other girls...you do paint with words , too !
    There was a summer frog in my little pond who would sing lullabies...he's missed...
    Glad you have such good company !
    Have a wonderful day !

  9. Hi Annie,
    What a nice post. I enjoy the way you write.
    Hope your Thursday has been a good one!

  10. Poetic post, Annie! Jeff always tells me that crickets in the house are good luck. He won't let me escort them outside. Speaking of which, he'll carry any bug outside and won't squish or swat them. He also convinced me that geckos are good luck so when in Maui we had one in our hotel room... on the ceiling over the bed! :) (((Hugz)))

  11. Hi Annie,
    What a wonderful post. As Tracry said your writing is like music to my ears :) I wish I had that talent or Toni's she writes beautiful poems. Hope you have a happy Halloween weekend.
    Hugs, Dru


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