October 21, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts....

The weather today cannot make up it's mind. The sky was bright and sunny, then we had half an hour of black clouds and now lovely, yellow sun again.  It got dark just as if someone turned off the light switch for a bit.

Pond at end of summer season

I got a cute compliment from the baby girl yesterday. She will be three in January.
Her: "Mamah, you the best mamah in the whole world you know dat?"
Me:" I didn't know that"
 Her:" I tell you again later so you don't forget "

I just finished an apple from my apple tree.The first one I have eaten since planting it over 5 years ago now. Delicious! It is so exciting to eat things you have grown yourself.  Eating the first tomato from my vines this year was very exciting too. I just love things like that.
The apples are medium sized dark red apples. Macintosh I believe.
Glad I planted it, but it needs to be pruned into a better shape and fertilized.

Hope your Thursday is going along nicely.


  1. Hi Annie

    That was such a sweet thing for your baby girl to say! Out of the mouth of babes comes great truths. I am enjoying hearing how my almost two year old grandson is learning language. I am amazed by some of the words he can already say. He loves animals and can identify pronounce elephant and giraffe, etc.

    How wonderful to hae your own apples! If I ever am ever lucky enough to have a home with land large enough to grow trees I would love to have an apple tree!

  2. Hi Annie,
    How sweet of the baby girl calling you the best Mamah ;)
    My Grandma had a great garden in San Diego. She made pickles from the cumcumbers and jelly from the plums and strawberries.Her tomatoes were delicious too. Nothing better than eating what you grow. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  3. How heartwarming to hear... so you better not forget now! ;) Congrats on your apple... hope many more follow. We have a Mexican Lime tree.. not one lime yet. :) Happy weekend!

  4. HI Annie, Yes the first fruit of the vine is indeed the best!
    So sweet what baby girl said!
    Bless you ♥

  5. Hi Annie;

    I'm sitting here laughing after reading your conversation with the baby girl. I just love what comes out of their mouths at that age. So "Mamah" you better not forget! :lol:

    It must be wonderful to having your own apple tree and be able to pick and eat your own fruit. I miss having my own garden. Living in an apartment complex doesn't allow for having our "own bit of dirt".

    Our weather was the same as yours yesterday. It was strange. :) Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs

  6. Hi Annie! How fun to have your own apple tree and have gotten your first apple. Hope you get many more! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Awwww, what an heart-warming comment! So sweet! :)
    I really liked to read what you were grateful for, thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your apples! :)

  8. Its moments like this that make children worth all the heartache and trouble. My own asked me one day when they were simply worn out why did I have them. I mentioned a few times like this. I said thats all the payment a mom needs.

    You will remember this forever. :)


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