November 3, 2010

Comfort Food

Everyone needs comfort every now and then.
What comforts you?
There are a few comfort foods that I enjoy:
Meatloaf with rice
I use a recipe from the Kennedy's White House chef and its the best I ever had.
Fried eggplant with red sauce is another favorite comfort food as well as plain spaghetti and meatballs.
Lasagna isn't bad either but a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy is a winner too.
But here is one that everyone loves. This is from Feed Me Bubbe. She is a grandmother (bubbe) from Massachusetts who makes short cooking videos with her grandson.
This recipe is for delicious meatballs served with grape jelly-chili sauce . Sweet and sour and served in a sub roll or over rice.

I think the video is a real hoot. Very cute and her Massachusetts accent is adorable.


  1. Hi Annie! I love all of your comfort foods but have to add one also...Mexican food :) That's Tex-Mex of course! Being from Texas we love our Tex-Mex the best. Going to watch the video now. Have a great day!
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Hi Annie, I enjoyed the comforts food and the video too. I have never used a food processor myself. I have made meatballs, but for Albondigas, which is a Mexican meatball soup that I love. Comfort food makes me think of my grandma Louisa and all her cooking was great. My mom was a great cook too. My husand still talks about her beef stroganoff. Not sure on the spelling. I sure wish I had paid more attention to her cooking. Then she stopped cooking when her Alzheimers got to the midway point. :( Still, learned her famous tacos and that is my idea of comfort food. Lots of pics added to my blog.

  3. Hi Annie;

    I loved the video of Bubbe cooking her sweet & sour meatballs. It brought back memories of my Italian (not much different from Jewish) grandmother who never used any electric appliances either. I still mix and roll my meatballs by hand. ;-} You always find the greatest of videos. Hugs my friend.

  4. Hi Annie! Seeing Tracey's comment- when I'm sick like I have been this week, I love spicy Mexican food. Probably because your senses are numbed with a stuffy nose so spicy food does the trick. That's a cute video with Bubbe. I've had that recipe before with appetizer meatballs at parties. It's very tasty! (((Hugz)))

  5. Hello Annie, great video, it's funny how comfort food can change from one person to another but there are always some basics. I always enjoy stopping by, take care.

  6. no she didn't have a food processor but she always has her hands, i'm surprised she didn't mix all that up with her best tools, her hands. of course we always have on hand non-latex rubber gloves for times like this. it's funny how she covered up the Smuckers label for the jelly. (i know no advertising) and talk about cross-contamination as she is touching everything after making the meatballs with her bare hands. in a way that video kept hurting my stomach as i'm waiting for her to spoon all those meatballs with that one small spoon that took forevah! I would have used a large slotted spoon and get over it.
    But they do look good and she is just a sweetheart. My next door neighbors are from MA and I always tease her and say she sounds like Betty Boop.
    my fav #1 comfort food of all is Mac & Cheese ♥

    p.s. my daddy sure was big on drinking fresh water too. when we were little he would stop at places in the mountains of Tennessee and we would all hold our hands out to catch the water from the spouts coming out or even from some of the water falls. it was the best water in the world. when you wrote that it sure touched a soft spot in my heart!


  7. I think roast chicken and mashed potatoes are my comfort food. Here in France they often have chacroutte-saurkraut and sausage and ham. It's very filling and great for a cold winter day.

  8. I love meatloaf or roast chicken with mashed potatoes , complete with the deep well for melting butter , and peas . Also , when under the weather , soup a Philippina friend called "congee" , where you slow-cook brown rice and garlic in four times the normal amount of water until it's creamy and thick . She put a small piece of chicken in , too , and shredded the meat back into the soup when done...yummy !
    Bubbe is adorable...the recipe is terrific and isn't her grandson a doll to capture her on film ! The mouse and bear photo tugs at your cute...

  9. Hi Annie,
    I love Mexican food. But I always have frozen fruit blintzes in the fridge and potato latkes. They are not to bad even tho I make some awesome latkes and blintzes. I love the video of Bubbe cooking her sweet and sour meatballs. I am not a fan of those but stuffed cabbage yes! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  10. Ciao Annie, great video! :) Food has an important role in Italy ;) Hum... right now my comfort food is cheese. A piece of Parmigiano to nibble while watching a movie, yum! *hug* and happy new week!

  11. Hi Annie,
    I hope you are having a great week. Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay warm.

  12. Hi Annie! The haircut went fine. I'm a bit of a problem since I'm totally inept at fixing my own hair- can't manage the hairdryer and round brushes. Need an extra hand or two. (((Hugz)))


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