November 21, 2010

How to Resize Videos for your Site

I see blogs with videos embedded that are way out of bounds size wise. They are too wide and throw the entire blog out of alignment or the sides of the video disappear into nothingness.
If you are going to embed a video on your site, you have to sometimes adjust the width of it as it can be quite wide. . It can ruin how other posts are seen too.
There is no need to be afraid to fix the code, it won't hurt anything if you do.
Re-sizing a photo or a video is simple.

Here with width in red  is the code for a random video from youtube:

Do you see the width'"480" highlighted in red? This is quite wide and as I said sometimes it is even larger, over 650 pixels. It can push out the limits of the blogging area.
Just change it. It appears twice as I have highlighted in red. Simply downsize the width of your video and it will fit.
Then I repeated the code placing the width in blue this time. This is the revised version of the code.
The blue indicates the change made.
It is simple and easy to do. Your blog will thank you for it and even better the video will fit on your page.

 There are other things in the code you can monkey around with also.
Where it says allow full screen? you can simply change the true to "false". This is the element that would allow your viewer to enlarge the video to take up the whole of their computer screen. If you don't want this, just implement that little change. Again, it appears twice in the code and must be changed in each place to work.

Hope this helps.


  1. Ciao Annie, I've never tried to add a video to my site, but thanks for the info, maybe I will try one day. Have a lovely Monday ahead! :)

  2. Hi Annie! I have so enjoyed sitting here tonight & catching up with you. I cannot believe how many posts I have missed! I really enjoyed learning more about you via your Mega Meme...really loved that! You made me smile quite a few times in that. :-)

    I do change my code when I post a video (which is seldom). Thank you for sharing this for those that might not know how to do this. You always share wonderful things. Hope you have a lovely week Annie. Sending you big hugs!

  3. Hi Annie! Vimeo is set to 350 so I don't have to change the code. My area where the posts go is 400. I know some sites give you the option of choosing between sizes. I'm glad I started my blog and website in 2002 because I've learned a bit of html. It's hard now with all the blogger tools to learn those things. Thanks for sharing your tips! Enjoy the holiday week ahead! (((Hugz)))

    PS. Leaving a comment with your google acct isn't working today. It's taking you to the blogger site. Have had that problem all morning.

  4. Hi Annie! I have never posted a video but I'm going to save this info in case I want to in the future. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us :)
    Hugs and blessings,


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