November 19, 2010

Keeping Up Appearances

Did you ever see Keeping up Appearances on PBS? It was a lovely British comedy about a woman who wanted to be socially prominent. It was too funny.
She often sang , badly, on the program much to her neighbor and vicar's horror.
Well unless you really do have a tin ear, it takes some ability to deliberately sing off key that badly.
Patricia Routledge really can sing and was a actress in the legitimate theater for a long while.
I came across this video of a very moving song by her and had to share it with you.
Just lovely.

I don't have much to post today. Birthdays coming up for most of my family in next couple of weeks. We are all Sagittarius for the most part and one Taurus and one Capricorn.
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hi Annie! I love British comedies. We have all Virgo and Libra birthdays. The puppy had a really great night. We think we'll keep him! ;) (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie,
    Here is one person that has no problem singing off key and it is easy LOL I am an awful singer! She has a lovely voice for sure. Have a fun Birthday week. And have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  3. Hi Annie, I agree about Bristol. I felt so bad for Brandy. Too bad about that forsest. The picture you shared is beautiful! Have a blessed weekend and Thanksgiving. Hugs

  4. Hi Annie;

    Hopefully this will work today. I tried twice leaving comments yesterday but for some reason I kept getting a "cookies not activated" error. LOL! Now I know my cookies were activated. Anyway here I am trying again.

    I still faithfully watch Keeping Up Appearances, Are You Being served and As Time Goes By every Saturday night on PBS and sometimes I watch Summer Wine. I've been watching these shows since I first discovered them in the 1990s and still crack up laughing. The British comedies are the best. Loved the video of Patricia Routledge. I've heard her sing in her real voice before. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs

  5. I loved that show. Wish there were more like it.

  6. Hi Annie!
    I love Keeping Up Appearances! We bought some dvds of the show also. I could watch them over and over. lol
    Thank you for sharing this clip. Very nice.
    Take care!


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