November 15, 2010

Monday .......

The photo is of Duke Gardens in NJ. It no longer looks this way because big mucky mucks got their hands on it, and cut down most of the trees, making it a wasteland. They want to let it "go natural".
Just nuts. Man was not supposed to let the world go "natural" aka "wild" but to "keep and dress it", meaning to garden and make things better.
Well glad to have found this photo of what it once was.

EEEKK... Get Bristol Palin off Dancing with the Stars. Are you kidding me? Lowest of marks, no dance ability and she is still there shlumping around?
I read that Tammy Bruce on Twitter is urging her followers to vote for Palin thus keeping her on the show.
Some really good competitors were bounced in favor of Bristol. Too bad, too much of a popularity contest rather than a dance contest.

Our weather is cooler than usual. Some nights into the 20s even. I recall not even needing a sweater some Thanksgivings but this year seems colder than normal.
Where is the global warming...I want it!!
It was sunny and warmer early today then cloudy and threatening in the afternoon.
I demand what we used to call Indian Summer, days of warm autumn sunshine on all these red, orange and yellow trees.


  1. Oh wow, what a beautiful garden! We are having cooler temps right now too! Makes me want to put up my Christmas tree :) Sorry you have been sick but glad you are feeling better today!
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Hi Annie,
    First year I have not watched DWTS. Who is Tammmy Bruce?? I hear the teaparty are voting for her and keeping her in?? Duke Gardens was beautiful. Too bad they cut the trees down :( Come to CA and you can have the climate change that is effecting us and our crazy weather 118 one week and raining the next. Not normal at all! It is air they were putting on my son's roof we don't have swamp coolers here. I have mine on the roof also. It is quiet that way. A unit outside on the ground is noisy :) Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.
    Hugs, Dru

  3. Hi Annie! I agree with you on all accounts! Preserving nature is all well and good but it can be done respectfully with improvements by man. Letting things go wild isn't necessarily all that good.

    It is annoying that politics are entering into DWTS. Of course it always is a popularity contest to a degree but I have a feeling Bristol is getting votes from people who don't even watch the show. It's like on American Idol where they have that "Vote for the Worst" website. I can't see why people would put so much effort into things like that. Get a life!

  4. no more being sick...not allowed...we need you !
    The garden that once was looks like a serene , peaceful place .
    Phooey on those insensitive fellows who still want to
    "pave over Paradise and put up a parking lot " !

  5. Hi Annie! Yes, it's the one with Jim Carey and it was wonderful! Have a wonderful weekend :)
    Hugs and blessings!


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