November 30, 2010


The week has begun on a frigid note but we are supposed to warm up to the low 60's or so they say. Can we believe them? It is 52°F now chilly in the house. We have had a bit of rain and due for storms tonight and tomorrow.  I hope your weather is nicer.

In our family there are two interests for the youngun's . The Anonymous Kid is a great soccer fan. Her  younger sister, Merry Baby is an all things "princess" fan.
The other day the famous Anonymous kid was getting frustrated at something she was doing. Her little sister who will be 3 this January said, "That's not princess like behavior!"  Well, good advice. Now if she can get that advice down for herself also that will be great news.
backyard autumn sky
Trees are bare for the most part now and the sky has taken on the autumn bright that seems to compete with summer. Each season seems to have vibrancy of its own, except for Spring when the skies seem to be muted and pale.
I have some work to do around the ponds. I am late in removing some plants and sinking others to the bottom.
The fish are beginning their hibernation now and have not eaten in a few weeks since temperatures have dropped. They will not get any food until the water warms up in the spring now. Their metabolism slows down so much that food isn't needed and if fed, the gas they emit would ruin their environment anyway.  They will be fine over winter.
I hope your Tuesday goes nicely.


  1. Hi Annie;

    My weather is like yours except we get the pouring rain and high winds tonight and all day tomorrow. We are in a flood watch as of now. I love the 3 year old's remark to the AK. LOL!

    You asked who's my favorite Miss Marple. I love Joan Hickson and have her entire Miss Marple DVD sets. Geraldine McEwan is a favorite actress of mine but I found her Miss Marple too modern for my taste. As for Julia McKenzie's version, I find her too deadpan and it seemed like she was just visiting or in the way. The Hollywood versions years back with Margaret Rutherford were a lot of fun. To me Joan Hickson is Miss Marple. ;-}

    Have a lovely evening my friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie! It is interesting how the different seasons bring different colors and tones to the sky. We are warming up to 70 by Wednesday. It's unusual for us to be this cold and Jeff has had to put a painting the front door project on hold since the paint can demands warmer temps. Wonder what happens if you don't follow those instructions? Made me wonder what painters do who live in cold climates? Just interiors, I suppose. (((Hugz)))

    PS. That was a big sentence for a not-quite 3 year old! :)

  3. Hi Annie,
    I love that your 3 year old said That's not princess like behavior!" lol out of the mouths of babs. I never knew that fish hibernated. It makes sense. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Hugs, Dru


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