December 27, 2010

The Big Snow

At the Shore:

Wind Speed: 40 knots
Wind Direction: NW
Sea State: Very rough
Condition:  Over head
Ocean Temp: 36 F
Wave Height: 12 ft over head (means more like 20 ft waves)

Almost 30 inches of snow!   I measured this morning. The wind is still blowing like crazy though the skies are bluer than blue and the sun is shining like a champ today. I am completely snowed in and have no intention of digging myself out. Too big a job for me to do alone.
so deep!
NYC is piled under though not as much as some parts of NJ, like Elizabeth NJ with 31 inches of snow. People slept on the trains last night and Penn Station has become a dormitory. But in my neighborhood no one went to work today. No one can get out! My neighbors are workmen. Carpenters, tug boat captains, fishermen, construction workers, etc. They are busy trying to dig out from under. That will be an all day proposition for them. Most have teen sons so they will be doing most of the muscle work.

Can this please, please be the first and last snow of winter? I have come to dislike it.  Oh, its great for photos, but then it should just go away in an hour and not come back.

wicker furniture almost covered!

In this photo the snow in the foreground is my porch! It is completely covered over and goes half way up my screen door.

The big pond , almost completely covered with snow!

This is the big pond. The water is slushy , the waterfall is covered with snow and look at the depth of the snow on the sides of the pond. Way over 3 feet deep. Amazing.

 Keep warm wherever you are.


  1. Wow! Annie, I knew you would have it worse than us up here. I too hope this is the last snow of the winter. We only had 2 feet of the horrid but pretty to look at white stuff. Thank you for the birthday wishes my friend. It's truly appreciated. ;-} Hugs

  2. Hi Annie,
    OMG your snow is amazing. I can't even imagine. We have snow in our local mountains that I was looking at on my way to work but nothing like what you are all experiencing. Stay warm and I hope you can get out soon. Hugs!!

  3. I knew you were getting a blizzard but 30 inches? wow unbelievable. I tune into the weather channel quite a bit and heard about all those poor people traveling and getting stranded. It sounds like a state of emergency. I wouldn't even attempt to try to dig out either, it sounds fruitless. The pictures are amazing! Hopefully you will stay warm and safe. And yes, no more snow !

    The little girl is just adorable !

  4. Amazing photos but I wouldn't want to live with it either. The little we get here in Paris is bad enough.

  5. The Summer Girl is not amused !
    The battery in my car is dead and when called , AAA said the roads in our county are unplowed , impassable (10' drifts in some places ! ) and they're not making house calls until driveways and roads are cleared !!
    My neighbor across the street has her daughter and family visiting from Montana . After the hubby and 4 kids cleared her driveway , they did mine ! When I called to thank her , she said it was thanks for all the baked goodies sent her way . There are some very dear folks out there , my friend...yourself included ! Keep the tea kettle singing and you warm and snuggy .

  6. Stuff like this is why I left NJ. I just couldnt take anymore brutal winters like this. Of course right after I left NJ had a few mild winters lol. But I see its backkkkk.

    We had a dusting here at sea level which is really rare. It was enough to make me happy and I didnt have to shovel it. And now its really really cold here.... but Ive noticed when its this cold we dont even get rain, just cold. Its ok. I can live with this alot better than what you have.

    Stay in, stay warm if you can. As my mom always says...God put it there, God can take it away. :)


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