December 29, 2010

Clean Up

The walkway is partially clean and thats all the cleaning it will get. With three feet of snow its just too big a job to do anything more. Do you see how deep the snow is ? Its almost 3 ft.
It is  even deeper in drifts.
The snow was  up to the top of the porch, reaching the front door.
Weatherman promises that the temperatures will rise later in the week and I sure hope the fellow is right!

I am staying in, listening to my old time mystery radio , sipping cups of steaming tea and relaxing.
Wherever you are I hope you are taking life easy too and enjoying every moment.


  1. HI Annie that snow looks pretty dirty, that is one thing about snow. It's great when it first falls but after that it's a mess to get around in. I am staying warm and cozy and happy, having a cup of tea sounds good. I have been drinking hot chocolate and that is to fattening. But so good! have a great new year! big hugs

  2. Hi Annie! I love snow, probably because we don't get it here very often! Hope you're staying warm! Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Hugs, Tracey

  3. Hi Annie! That's a lot of snow! Your cozy plans sound like a great idea! Happy 2011 to you and your family!

  4. Hi Annie,
    Wow! Look at all that snow! We haven't been hit hard yet, but we will several times over the winter months.
    Take care, keep safe and warm!
    Happy New Year!


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