December 15, 2010

♪♪ Oh! The weather outside is frightful....♫


      Well it is bitter cold, and, because I am near the water, the blustery wind can be biting. We are not usually as cold as other parts of the state.

     Despite the cold today we had the bluest skies and the brightest sun.   The ponds are frozen over and the frogs are skaking as you can see from this, (ahem) photo.

Here is a little song I wrote for his venture on ice:

" Froggy went a-skating upon the pond today
                                                 slippin' and a slidin' blades flashing all the way.
                                           He bumped into a lily, embedded in the ice..
                               he fell upon his be-hind,
                            which didn't feel real nice. 
                          Now when he goes to courting,
                   Fair lady frog he likes,
                           He'll have to 'splain that cushion
                         he sits on day and night.

                    Cuz Froggy has a bottom
                    so  tender,  cherry red,
                   That going out at all 
                       makes him wish he'd stayed in bed. "


  1. Ciao Annie! Oh, cute froggy! :) I love winter when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Then, I do not mind if it's cold outside. :) Hope you are having a lovely week.

  2. Hi Annie,
    Cute frog song and you wrote it! Wow you and Toni are so talented with your poems. We are cooling down. it didn't feel right for us to have 88 degrees last week. At least 60's and 70's in the day is more like winter weather. Have a great Thursday, Hugs!!

  3. Hi Annie;

    LOL! I absolutely love your Froggy song and the photo. You must write more songs like this my friend. It's just great. We had more snow and whipping cold this morning. I think this has been the coldest December in a long while. Keep warm and cozy and have a lovely day ahead. Hus

  4. Hi Annie,
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Stay warm.

  5. HI Annie that is a cute poem you wrote about the frog. I collect frogs and I have a big frog in my collection a end table that is big frog, it's so unusual. I love it when I can find some quirky things to set in my decor that does not quite fit. Have a great weekend. Big hugs

  6. Hi Annie, I as lol at you calling yourself and old fuddyduddy. I love my electronics ;) Hope you enjoyed your Birthday party last night. Have a wonderful week ahead. Stay warm and healthy.
    Hugs, Dru

  7. Very cute Annie! Glad froggy has one of those donut cushions to sit on. weather seems crazy all over- Europe is snowed in and we're getting drenched here in So Cal. Stay warm and have a great week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  8. lol cute poem, you didn't happen to fall lately on your bum have you? lol I love anything that has to do with frogs, I think they are so cute.

    Well I fell asleep as early as I could (around 10:30) and slept really good and just woke up eager to see the eclipse of the moon. I bundled up as it's cold here too, and I went out into the front yard, and saw no moon anywhere, then I went out into the back yard and no moon. I don't see it anywhere. Where did it go? Rochester thinks this is big fun because it's 4:15 am and he gets to go outside and is playing and acting funny. I hope he doesn't think this is going to be an every night (early morning routine) Hmmmmm, I hope I didn't miss it. And yes, I agree it is very eerie out there ! It's hard to explain, but such a stillness and mysterious too. We went running around all night last night to Lowes, Home Depot and Mexican Food lol, we saw the moon all night and it was huge and bright and so beautiful. Now it's gone. Oh well, I will go out again in a bit and see if I can track it down. See 'If I can lasso the moon' my Carolina Moon lol. I better go back to bed, I'm feeling funny haha.
    Happy Holidays!

  9. Oh man ! I just left you a huge comment and it went to the next page and said SERVICE UNAVAILABLE! I could't believe it! I was telling you all about me trying to lasso the moon and getting up early this morning to try to see the Eclipse ! Darn ! Maybe it will still show up?
    Nitey Nite !

  10. you need to put your paintings on Etsy ! I love the whimsy of the snow covered pine trees blowing in the wind in this header, very beautiful !

  11. Hi Annie,
    Hope you ar staying warm. Don't beleive the news we are just fine out here in So Cal. We just have some much needed rain. The only areas that have to worry as usual are the areas where in the the last couple years had fires in the mountain areas. So far so good. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Hi Annie! So you were able to get a good view of the eclipse? It must've been the wee hours for you because I think it began at 11:45 PM or so on the west coast. With Cooper sleeping in our adjacent bathroom, I try and not make any sounds so would've been afraid to go peek if I had stayed awake. He gets me up at 5:30 but I still think it's pretty good for a little puppy to go that many hours without having to go outside. Our door is painted Swiss Coffee (off white) like the rest of our trim. Not many people in SoCal are very bold with their paint colors- lots of earthtones and many have nicely stained hardwood front doors with lots of leaded glass, etc... (((Hugz)))


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