January 16, 2011

Animals and the Dreaded Car Ride

I once had a Scottie who loved going in the car. That is because he came on just about every single ride in the car we took. Shopping, beach, visiting. He was family and so he came. I loved having him with us.
Later pets seemed to only ride in the car for the dreaded visit to the vet, though Brandy was taken swimming in the bay and in the creek, which she dearly loved. It was her chance to chase swans that were bigger than she was!
Brandy was a Flat Coated retriever.. that's a wavy coated black lab, kind of.

Flat Coat Retriever

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  1. What a wonderful post !
    Love the kitty expression and caption...when my kitties went to the Dreaded Vet , the first exercise in futility was trying to get them into the cat carriers...like pushing spaghetti ( only with claws !).
    The howling , once in the car , increased in repetition and decibel to the point where medical intervention for them seemed pointless in the face of all this angst !


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