January 21, 2011

Its Friday

Another weekend is sitting in the wings waiting to take the stage.
It is blustery and cold outside. They are calling for more snow. Well, no thanks. Today was sunny despite the wind and cold and that was nice for a change.
I would love to move to a warmer place. Like Tahiti! I can sort of manage  a bit of French,at least I can read it , so might work. Thank goodness for a French teacher who made us read novels in French. We hated it at the time, but it has been a real help. Sometimes, when I go to the store or if I buy something with directions in English and French, I find myself reading the French  unconsciously, without much thought. When I finally catch on I switch to the English. But, its nice she made us work hard so that we can do that.
Can't afford the fare to Tahiti and would be lonely selling those grass skirts on the beach, so I am stuck where I am.
I have a job doing advertisements for a company in NYC so a bit of good coming my way there. Won't last long but in this economy every bit helps.
It should be a quiet weekend. I have some proofreading to do for someone's book, and I will work on Sunday on ad revisions. Other than that, nothing really much going on.
Hope that your weekend will be a good one.


  1. Hi Annie! Sounds like you're keeping busy and good to have work that you can do from home. I had a HS French teacher and her honest to God name was Prudence Peevish! She was a little old grey-haired lady and try as she did, never made much of a French student out of me. I switched to Spanish in college which really made more sense for a Southern California resident! Stay warm and enjoy the weekend! (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie; We had another 8 inches this morning. So far that makes 60-65 inches in less than 4 weeks. Now the below zero weather comes in for the next few days going as low as -13 at night. This is one winter I wish would disappear. LOL! I think it's wonderful that you have a job doing ads. Keep warm and have a great weekend my friend.

  3. I'd love to be in Tahiti too. I wouldn't mind sitting on a sunny beach.

  4. Hi Annie,
    Tahiti does sound nice but I would never want to live there! I love the US too much but love to take vacations there ;) Congrats on the job Annie! I took French in school also but never learned to read very well! That is wonderful you can read French. Hope you are staying warm! Hugs, Dru

  5. Hi Annie, I would love to move to a warmer place too ;) being Italian is not easy to adjust to the rainy and cloudy Scottish weather. Stay warm and have a lovely week!

  6. Hello Annie, sorry about your weather. I love your new header. I think most of the country is freezing right now. Congratulations on your job, I'm glad you have it. Take care & stay warm!


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