January 25, 2011

Still in the Deep Freeze

The waterfall is powerful enough to work even in very cold weather and keeps a place open in the water for air to enter. The bubbles push oxygen into the water. It can create some interesting looks in the winter.

For those of you who know Katy from Tea and Conversation with Katy, she fell and broke her knee. She might need surgery and could use your prayers and encouragement.

The weather is supposed to warm up today a bit,maybe to 40°F  and that will be a welcome change because it has been so darn cold that even if you stand in the open doorway for a bit, you are frozen through.


  1. Hi Annie,
    The waterfall looks pretty with the ice! I don'r know Katy but I am so sorry to hear she broke her knee, I have never heard of a broken knee before :( Sounds painful. Happy to hear you are heating up a little bit! Have a wonderful Tuesday.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie. Sorry about Katy's fall- don't know her either but Katy is one of my favorite names... had a childhood friend named Katie. One of the first things we try and teach our dogs is to come when called. We take them on hikes and, if it's a secluded area, we let them off leash so it's very important they know to do that. Did you ever see that movie Funny Farm with Chevy Chase? He lets his brand new dog off leash and it runs off into the distance and never comes back. It's a funny scene. Actually a cute movie with very lovely scenery. (((Hugz)))

  3. Hi Annie;
    I don't know Katy but have her in my prayers. This is only the second time I heard of a broken knee from a fall. My ex father in law fell while on vacation years back and was operated on. I remember how hard it was for him.

    We heated up to 21 degrees today and will be getting more snow tonight into tomorrow. The weatherman said there will be no relief for quite some time. LOL!! Keep warm my friend. Hugs

  4. Annie what a cool pond. I am so sorry about your friend Katy I do not know her, but I will keep her in my prayers today. I agree with Darlynn Katy is a cute name. Have a wonderful week Annie and stay warm there. BRRRRR. big hugs

  5. Hi Annie! It was so good to see your tag at my blog. Each time I go MIA for awhile, it baffles me as to why when I come back. I have so missed my online friends.

    I don't know Katy, but must be horrible to break a knee! I will keep her in prayer.

    I had to laugh when I read about your new coffee floavor (green bean). You are right...I don't think it will be getting many requests. :-)

    I posted a Smilebox of something that is so special to Emily, so hope you have time to view it. If so, watch it in full screen view. I think you will enjoy it. Have a lovely day Annie. Stay warm!

  6. Ciao Annie, sorry about your friend, hope she will be ok soon. A broken knee sound so painful :( It still quite cold there, brrr! Here too, and today I am longing for spring...


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