February 4, 2011

Heading into the Weekend

Wind Speed: 15 knots
Wind Direction: SW
Condition: Knee high
Ocean Temp: 35 F
Wave Height: 3 ft

I found a new weather widget that changes with the day. The sun shines in the day and at night it goes dark and a moon shines or not.. and the house lights go on. It rains, snows, gets windy, stormy, etc. according to what is happening in your area. You can choose from a country village or a seaside. Since the seaside one is too tropical looking I chose the village. They need to add a city too.
We have been warmer and birds have been singing but the weather man tells us rain/snow icy cold tonight. I vote not, however.
This photo was taken as the sun fooling around in the skies but, not today!    This picture is from last year I believe.
I don't watch football so I don't think I will be seeing the super bowl, though I may tune in to check out what others are doing.
Have a lovely weekend.

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