February 15, 2011

Surfer Cat

Dru's post about her kitten Lily made me decide to rat out my  Garfield.
He isn't bad.   Never was but, he does like to carpet surf.
Sleepy after a hard day of surfing
It's his hobby!
I have a series of small rugs through the house. They're  in the hallway, the entrance, the kitchen and by my bed and dresser.
Garfield loves to get up speed and then make a mad dash for the carpets "surfing" on them until he reaches the next one.. the surfing that one ..etc. until at last he reaches the one by my dresser..
WHOOSH................ you can hear it slide as he lands on it.
If cats giggle, then you would hear him giggling. He gets his exercise though!

Oh, I can't forget his 2nd hobby, playing in his water bowl. I use a large rubber bottom mixing bowl so he has enough water all day. He loves to put his feet in and splash all over the place. He has a great time doing it and the cleanest kitty feet in town!


  1. Hi Annie,
    Garfield is adorable. He looks so peacful sleeping! My Lily surfs the bathroom rugs also ;) Billy Elliot is almost 10 years old so he is very calm and just looks at Lily flying around the house with a little irratation and a little facsination! Hope your heatwave has continued in the 40's :) Hugs, Dru

  2. LOL!! A rug surfer!! Your Garfield reminds me of my cat Blaze who passed on over 6 years ago. He was a feral kitten and never really got used to the apartment I was living in. I haven't had a pet since then.

    Thanks for asking about my hands. They are better but I'm still wearing the braces when I'm on the computer. I still do a little creating of my pop art stick ladies and just finished a patty and easter one. Guess I just can't keep away from it. LOL! Have a lovely evening my friend. Hugs

  3. You have the neatest pets !
    Mine were content to follow the path of least resistance - eat/sleep/briefly submit to petting/repeat in no apparent order . When younger , they loved shopping day because it meant they could play in the paper bags . They are all gone now...sigh...
    This header is a real beauty...gives one hope for warmer weather to come soon ! Have a wonderful day , my friend !

  4. What a sweet & cute kitty! He sounds like a Beardie, Buddy loves rug surfing when possible. I hope you are staying warm!


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