February 28, 2011

What We Wore to the Oscars

By far the nicest Oscar gown and suit.
And Michelle Obama is supposed to have toned arms? Oh please.. look at these and compare.
Hmmph, not by a long shot Michelle.
This is a switcheroo, but, he makes a pretty stunning babe.
Gloves are tacky though

Sue me, but I did like Reese Witherspoons sedate black and white gown. Just so lovely.
I often think plain is better than over the top.
She needed a stunner of a diamond necklace though. Just maybe a bit more "bling"?
I love sparklies!

And I thought that this black velvet number was  so very classical  with the elaborate glittery cuff.
Must have been prettier in person though. The photograph doesn't capture what it had to be like.
Dark velvets are always stunning especially if there are sparklies to be shown off.

Everyone's favorite eccentric spinster auntie, Helen Bonham Carter, did not disappoint us.
A tall pointed black witchy hat was missing though and the fancy broom.
It's a "bad girl of the fairytale" look.

But you know what?  I think Carter has a whole lot of fun dressing up.
Get a load of the Union Jack on the calf! Very patriotic.
Rule Britannia!

Another Gothic bride look . Even the Oscars can't get away from the just dragged from the crypt look.
Didn't she do this once before?

Everyone looked nice. Even the men wore tuxedos which they seem to disdain sometimes in favor of tennis shoes and tee shirts. Ugh.

I enjoyed the Oscars though many thought them boring and not as exciting as they could have been.

Best music award should have gone to Beethoven for his moving music in The King's Speech.
The rest was not that impressive I thought and who is it that told Gwyneth she had singing talent? Oh man... no no no. 

 Classic, lovely but no bling... You have to add that bling with black I am telling you!!!
 The earrings are not enough.
She had better not move too fast with that top either.

 I am not sure what to make of Celine Dions spun silver dress.
The emphasis it puts on the tummy is not great, but the material is stunning.
Over all I just am  not that fond of it I suppose. Its a bit cocoon-like.

I always think Sandra Bullock looks nice.
This dress is a looker I think. One of the best of the bunch.

Here is my own Oscar frock.. what do you think..
And yes, its a Photoshop but that is my head  and my face and body manipulated to remove the models huge shoulders and muscular arms too, to represent me.

A pretty good likeness over all.
And, I kind of like the dress.
Don't be afraid to 'diss' it though. I am not afraid. much.

Ok whose dress did you like at the Oscars.. and more importantly:

Now.....What did YOU wear to the Oscars?
Get out your PSP or whatever and make yourself an Oscar night Gown or just do a post showing a dress you would most like to wear to the Oscars!

Don't be lazy.. get busy.
I want to see you in your gown!


  1. Hi Annie! I wrote my post for tomorrow already and picked out 3 dresses that I would wear at different points in my life--- all younger! You'll have to wait and see. I did like Reese- it was like the dress Julia Roberts wore when she won the Oscar. As for bright colors, Jennifer Hudson looked pretty amazing in that Tangerine! The dresses I didn't like- Gynneth Paltrow in that space age number and her hair reminded me of mine as a teenager when my mom would complain it looked stringy! Also didn't like Nicole Kidman's- too constructed for my taste and looked like jodhpurs. Fantastic job on the photoshopping! Va va voom! (((Hugz)))

  2. HI Annie I love Sandra's dress and I agree those black dresses need some bling, they need to visit me! Good job on your assessments of the Oscars! I don't watch them, I can never sit long enough for that bore. Have a wonderful week! big hugs

  3. I don't know what I would wear, only that it would cover my upper arms and hide my waist. I'm so glad that I don't have to pick a dress for something like that although I bet it is fun walking in on that red runner.

  4. Hi Annie;

    I never watch any of the awards shows but looking at your photos I'd have to say I liked Reese's and Sandra's dress the best. The black velvet must have looked stunning in person. As for James Franco, I like him as an actor (my favorite movie of his was Fly Boys) but as a female...he leaves a lot to be desired. LOL!

    Thank you for asking about my hands, they are doing and feeling much better. And as for your two cents, throw it in anytime my friend. ;-}

    Have a great beginning of March. Hugs

  5. Hi Annie,
    Mila Kunis wore my favotite dress at the Oscars. I enjoyed the show as I always do. I was very happy Randy Newman won for his song. I went to a play a few months back called Angels and Harps and fell in love with all his music some I knew some I didn't. I love your picture an very classy looking gown for sure Annie!
    Hugs, Dru

  6. ...didn't watch the Oscars...was waiting for the real thing here ! You did us proud !
    One of my favorite gowns (love to dress up and don't have any occasion to do so now,,,sigh...)
    was vintage . It was a navy blue chiffon , v-necked number belted with wide stiff satin and bow , over a multi-layered skirt that seemed to float as one moved...very pretty when dancing . It was worn with a long simple strand of pearls and a fancy up-do hairstyle .

  7. Loved looking at these gowns again! Loved Reese and Sandra and felt they both could have used a necklace! Thank you so much for asking about my friend Jan. She has taken 1 1/2 rounds of chemo, but the they stopped the chemo two weeks ago. It's not doing as much as they had hoped. Now the Doctor is investigating clinical studies for her. Again, I thank you so much for your continued prayers! It is a blessing so far, she really hasn't felt bad at all for someone with Stage IV Liver Cancer.


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