March 3, 2011

Bass Weejuns and Lost Spring

We are back to frigid weather.
It is in the 20°'s F  again.
So much for the early Spring! It seems winter is here for a bit longer anyway.
Will it ever be warmer?
No, it seems we are doomed to have winter for years and years.
I hate you Al Gore!
Where is your promised global warming, you tease.
        That will teach me to open my big mouth.
           No, I will learn to love winter once again. This is just a passing phase, I hope.

The dog in the last header is my friend Brandy who passed away a couple of years ago. She was a flat coated retriever and a darling sweet dog and much loved friend. She is incorporated into a few headers painted from her photographs.

Darylynn asked so:
These are BassWeejuns.
Comfortable in the extreme but with leather beware on wet cobble stone streets!
 Popular in their day with denim skirts and madras blouses. Still sold today.
Nice thing: they used to run big so you wore a size smaller than usual. I wore a size 6 and I liked them in the navy blue which they no longer seem to offer. The brown was a "spice" brown then too and very nice in a nubby kind of texture.
Do NOT try to walk on cobblestone in these as they have leather soles.
McKlutzy here found that out the usual hard way. 
These last a life time unless your Scottish terrier puppy chews them up on  you.
Yup, that's how my  last pair died along with a leather covered book.

I laughed a lot at this video and since laughter is good for the body and brings health to bones, here it is for you to enjoy while fighting osteoporosis and arthritis!


  1. Ciao Annie, happy March!
    LOL, poor Al Gore ;) Alas he is right, and we will be hit by longer and colder winters in coming years because of global warming.
    Very cute video, thanks for sharing!
    Have a lovely Friday and a happy weekend ahead *huggles*

  2. Hi Annie,
    Snow last Saturday and we are expecting it in the 80's tomorrow lol Yes global warming is to blame when the globe gets warmer it causes moisture in the air which causes all the extreme weather in the winter like snow in Burbank as much fun as it was it really concerns me a lot.

    So those are the shoes you were wearing ;) Such sensable shoes as my grannie would say which makes it surprising that you fell in them. I think a lot of shoes are dangerous on cobblestones. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm!
    Hugs, Dru

  3. Hi Annie;

    LOL! I agree, I think winter is here to stay. So much for global warming!

    I had a feeling the dog in your last header was yours. I'm sorry she's gone.

    The shoes look like the "penny loafers" that were popular in the 50's. I never wore them. Ballet slippers and 4 inch heels were my thing then. ;-} Now I wear old fashioned walking shoes.

    Loved the video! I had seen it on my facebook page last week but I don't remember who posted it.

    Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs


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