April 28, 2011

Disney's "Prom"

Tonight I attended the private showing  premiere of Disney's new movie "Prom". After inspecting the contents of my purse, asking to see me turn off my cell phone and wanding me, we went in to see the movie. Security was tight even inside the theater as there were men with night vision goggles. It seems pirating premieres is quite a business and totally ugly.  It results in tight security for premieres. Can't blame them.

Thomas McDonell and Aimee Teegarden in "Prom"
Your teens and preteens will enjoy  it because they can identify with the characters. You just might like it yourself as it is a feel good movie and frankly, sometimes its nice to just relax and enjoy something light for a change.

No profanity, no sex or inuendo., an occasional kiss but, that's about it and not much of that either  and what's more the audience  of Moms and young teens loved it.

I rate it 5 stars for  those reasons.

Though the plot isn't new, the movie is never boring. The audience found some good lines to laugh about , some fun situations and the movie kept our attention from start to finish.

The story focuses on being honest with your friends , making good choices and looking at the heart rather than the outside. Good message there all around and using oldies music to set the tone for the scenes, it does a good job I think.

As the movie opens we are shown photos of the various cliques that develop in high school.Then, voiced over we hear, "High school ... it happens to everyone. And for four years, it has a way of dividing us." Yes, it really can do just that. This clique, that clique.Division.

Nova, played by Aimee Teegarden, ispresident of the senior class, pretty, bright and off to Georgetown next  year. Nova's wish is that  the Prom be a night everyone will remember. One last good time for everyone, all together, no cliques, nothing dividing them, just a night to remember for them all. A grand smash climax!  Her dreams are shattered though when the shed containing the decorations for 'Starry Night' burns down and she find she has no date for the Prom herself. The school bad boy, misunderstood really, is forced to help with the redecoration plans and everyone learns a lot about themselves and others in the process of preparing for "Prom".

Take a kid to see it,  you will be happy you did.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Sounds like a cute movie. I have no kids to take to see it :) My kids are over 18 now :) That is what happens when you have a son at 19 and he has kids at 22 years old. I am looking to be a Great Grandma very soon but not soon enough to see this movie. I have been to quite a few premiers and have never ever seen that kind of security as you experienced. Wow that is crazy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. It sounds like a good movie and I'm glad to hear that a thoughtful movie like this has been made for young teens to see. They are often overlooked by the movie industry.

    The frog in the next post made me laugh! What a fun pose he is in!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Annie!

    PS: Love your blog header painting ..wish I was there :)

  3. Hi Annie;

    Wish I had a teen to take to see that film. It sounds like a great one. I love the fact that it didn't contain any profanity, sex or innuendo. I guess wherever there are crowds today tight security will play a big roll. Thanks for the review. ;-}


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