April 12, 2011

I Am the Girl Nextdoor.

The quiz says so and  here is the result:

I come from a home where gravy is a beverage.
-- Erma Bombeck

The Girl Next Door is from a small town, a large family, or both. She still has a healthy dose of what people 'round these parts call "family values." She calls her grandparents every Sunday and she's got her mom on speed dial. The Girl Next Door likes an uncomplicated life filled with the simple pleasures of family, home, kids, and food. She may not actually live on a farm, but she tends to keep a menagerie. Asked to choose between a dog and a cat, she generally won't. What's a good guard dog without a mouser to keep it company? She is caring and warm, welcoming and friendly. Anybody in your office ever bring in chocolate chip cookies? You got yourself a Girl Next Door.
The defining characteristics of the Girl Next Door are simplicity and tradition. Simplicity means that, unlike the Academic Girl, she's really not that interested in the great questions that keep philosophers up at night. When she can sit in the kitchen, drinking coffee, eating shortbread cookies with a friend, and listening to the cat purr on top of the radiator, what else is there to life? What else, indeed.
She Might Be a Girl Next Door if:
  1. She drives: a good, solid American car -- a Ford Taurus, Chevy Cavalier, or Dodge Stratus.
  2. She can talk for more than ten minutes about: her family's holiday traditions.
  3. She begins her sentences with: "my mother says..."
  4. She'd never: go to a rave.
  5. She owns any of the following: scrapbooks, heirloom quilts, a Bible, family recipes, her grandmother's engagement ring.

Well I do indeed have my grandmothers engagement ring, a fiery Opal surrounded by itty bitty seed pearls set in 18K gold old fashioned ring.
I do have quilts, I own more than just "a" bible.   I have   library full of religious/ theological books.
I did love my grandmothers very much and lived with them.
No on the cars too... I drove an AMX ,and a Dodge quarter ton pickup truck.  I really like Mustangs.
Yes, I can ramble on about tradition and the scene at the kitchen table would be better if it was Cinnamon buns.
However, we part company when it says i am not into the great questions that keep philosophers up nights. I most assuredly am and the main focus of my discussions in life are religion and /or science, history and philosophy.
But, boy do I ever love an uncomplicated life.

You can try the quiz yourself which is really just plugging a book, but when I tried to access it again it was offline.


  1. Hi Annie;

    What a great post. I'm not sure if most of that fits me except for family values, American cars usually a Ford (right now none) family traditions and my discussions are definitely like yours. I never settled for the fact that woman should be the meeker sex. My ex always use to say I should have been born a man. LOL!! But then he was brought up to think a woman shouldn't think, just do! A typical old-fashioned Italian.

    The weather here is only in the 40's and rainy. But that's okay as I had nothing planned for the day. ;-} Hugs

  2. Hi Annie,
    Great post. I am a litle bit of the girl next door but I have a very rebilious part to me as my Mother and Father did. I was a wee child when I went to a Adlai Stevenson rally. My Mom and I matched together against the Vietnam war :) I still begin sentences with my mother says... I have both grandmothers rings and my Mom's wedding ring! Hope you have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Dru

  3. Although I loved my grandmother who died when I was young, I guess I am not a girl next door, except for making chocolate chip cookies.

  4. Great post, Annie. I guess I am not the girl next door... nut much, at least. Have a lovely rest of the week! :)

  5. I guess I'm not a girl next door type either- live in a big city and come from a very small family- an only child. Always drive German or Swedish cars. Like Dru, I was politically active in college- protested the Viet Nam War and took over the Administration Bldg at UCLA. O probably would've gone to a rave but when I was young, they were called "love-ins." I can however talk a lot about family holiday traditions! Hope you've had a great week- I feel like I missed it! ;) (((Hugz)))

  6. What fun info! Love the picture of sweet Audrey.

  7. Hi Annie,
    Have a great weekend! We are heading into high 80's this weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  8. Hi Annie! You have my weather forecast from Dru so will just wish you a great weekend! (((Hugz)))


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