April 29, 2011

Just One More Thing....

This is in addition to the post below this one which I do hope you will read as well...

Have a lovely, rest filled weekend


  1. Continuation of previous comment in previous post. LOL!: Love the photo and I wish you a lovely restful weekend too. ;-} Hugs

  2. Hi Annie! Love your Royal Name! Yes, I'm a good girl and always follow directions! ;) Glad you enjoyed the movie! Sounds like a sweet one. When I was in high school, proms were really out! We were little flower children and very anti-establishment. I did however go to one- a boyfriend from another high school. I borrowed a dress- really cute, tho, and no fancy limos or anything.Enjoy the weekend! We're off to Justin's today and the wind is blowing hard! Up in the 80's!

  3. How cute is that frog?


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