April 5, 2011


The mail came today amidst a downpour.
I got a letter from my local nuclear plant owners today telling me not to fret, the plants they built are completely earthquake proof!
Umm, yeah, ok.
What else are they going to say? Are they going to tell you the plant is in dire disrepair and ready to fall down at the first tiny tremor? No, of course not. 
Each year we also get a notice telling us to always keep iodine pills on hand in case of an emergency and tracing a few routes of evacuation in case  of an "event".
Yes, we feel really safe.Sigh.
The 3 eyed fish that swim in the warm river waters that empty into the ocean are happy about it all too and no one in my neighborhood owns a night light either since we all glow in the dark.

I 'm making light of a serious subject, but the letter is real and if you don't joke about things it can get too worrisome.
There is  much to be thankful for in light of what Japan is suffering right now.
They are very much on my mind.

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  1. I lived near a government lab when I lived in Ca. I would get love letters like that from them too saying anything coming from them is way below the parts per million thats considered safe. Yea right. You really think they are going to tell me the truth? And when 9/11 hit I didnt feel too safe living right down the street from there considering the Pentagon was hit. Ive been praying for Japan and now the world since its not getting any better. Maybe one day they will see nuclear is NOT a good idea.

    BTW we used to say we in my town all glowed in the dark too cuz of that lab hehehe

  2. This recent incident has made us all think about these issues....

  3. I'm glad you can add some humor. Hugs!!!

  4. Hi Annie,
    I had no idea those kind of letters went out to people. I guessing there must be a plant somewhere near you? You have to make light of things otherwise the worry would make us sick! Hope you have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Dru

  5. We live within 10 miles of a nuclear plant and get letters like that , too . The evacuation routes are a joke , as the main road is a two lane "highway" . The general mayhem from all us folks trying to escape could well be more dangerous than the plant itself !
    Loved the peeper soundtrack ! You post the most wonderful things ! Be well , my friend !


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