April 28, 2011

Movie and Bad Weather

alternating with sunshine 97% and  humidity.typical  jersey  south subtropical  weather.

The Famous Anonymous kid's dad won tickets to the premiere of Disney's "Prom" for this evening and so the kid , her friend and I are going.
Despite the windy, rainy day we are going to venture out for the sake of a premiere of a movie that the older elementary school set are wild over. We will see if the movie is as good as the kids are hoping it will be. I will let you know.
Meanwhile the weather climbed into the 80s and brought with it wind and rain. Hopefull we will not see the tornados that the rest of the nation has seen.
Awful destruction. My heart goes out to them.
Apple trees are blooming now, ponds springing to life. The bay is seeing more activity from animals, plants and people as the weather gets warmer.
Let you know how the movie goes....

On another note, I went to a site Darylynn posted about that gives you a royal name.
Being a good girl she used her real name and town. Being the class clown I did not and came up with :
“Your royal name is:
Countess Stupidhead Arabella Margarinebottom of Poopham”


  1. Hi Annie,
    My Royal name is HM Queen Dru Arabella Lowenthalcott of Burbankton I like this one lol Hope you enjoy the movie premier, I have long since even seen a childrens movie. So I am pretty out of touch with the names of them. I hope your weather lightens up for you to venture out. Have fun!
    Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie;

    I'm sure the kids will love the movie and it's a fun night spent together. My weather was almost the same as yours although not as warm as we only hit the 7o's today, but the winds and storms were horrible. Our trees are budding and forsythias and daffodils are blooming along with birds singing. I love waking up to that sound.

    What a heartbreak watching the death and destruction all those tornadoes caused. My heart and prayers go out to all.

    Love the royal name you chose. LOL!! Cracks me up! Have a great day ahead my friend. Hugs


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